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Presented without comment · 12:47am Sep 22nd, 2018

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Mangos are better anyways(also i give sugestion:make your oc a bat pony)

She's so cute I'd go out and buy plums for her. :heart:

dude... she IS a bat pony.

Hold up here kid, I'm gonna head to Kroger and get you some Dr Pepper.

2 hours later:
Planet Earth seems to be under seige by a race of bat cats. They are demanding the world supply of DR pepper.

Sittin pretty on what looks to be... A Gaz maybe?

Author Interviewer

I keep telling you they're dangerous. :B

I believe it's a truck.

The truck may well be a gaz... from russia

My new favorite mechanic!

I'm in lurv!

I meant admirals oc not the bat pone

Perpetuating stereotypes about batponies and their fruitivore ways.

Commented without comment :trollestia:

She can have my plums. :raritywink:

I see you have bats on the mind. So when and where will they first appear next in your stories?

I know, I was making a silly joke. I know what Gaz is.

*facedesk* of course. Haha At first i just kinda stared at the post and though "wat"

Five hundred and twelve cubic inches of VavaVOOOM!
Come on, let'er lope.

Fish work however the hell I want them to work.

Now take your damned plums and leave me to my fishipulation.

Comment posted by Shachza deleted Sep 22nd, 2018

Commented on commented without comment without comment.:derpytongue2:

Only some of them. I'm sure you can have your hemophageous and insectivorous bat ponies as well. Subspecies you know.

Frugivores get earth-pony plant magic. Insectivores get echolocation. Hemovores get pegasus lightning, just for going MUAHAHA with.

seems legit, seems legit, seems leg-WAIT!
Just for epic cackling? Now that, good sir, was the RIGHT response! Well played.

Did we not get them in Luna's guard in Onto the Pony Planet?

Who is she? She’s kinda hot for me tbh.:twilightblush:

Dearie, hold that away from your barrel lest you acquire a mighty bruise.

ShortSkirts is not going to give up without a fight. That robot is fueled by the things.

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