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The Daily Thwip (9/21) (Spider-Man PS4) · 10:30pm Sep 21st, 2018

Got in just a little more playtime today, but advanced the story several ticks.

I'm now at the point where Mr. Negative has the Devil's Breath, right after Spidey's Battle Inside the Mind.

I'm sorry, but there are way too many pointless "not-controlling-Spidey-right-now" stealth missions in the game. I get why there'd be MJ stealth missions, but the Miles stealth mission just to get two blocks to the FEAST shelter?! Come ON, man! That. Was. POINTLESS.

So yeah, the Sable goons are getting on my shit list, Norman's got a lot to answer for (when does he not?), Mr. Negative has a bioweapon and everyone on Earth is doomed, and Otto is slowly but steadily progressing towards becoming Doc Ock.

I probably won't get to play any more tonight because we've got thunderstorms moving in shortly, so...ah well.

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I think their trying to make sure you know miles is important in the long run.

I can tolerate MJ's missions cause I like how she actually helps Spider Man rather then just be a damsel in distress or a source of conflict for him like in the Rami movies. That being said she feels more like Lois lane then Mary Jane.

The Miles missions get more exciting but if the game were stand alone they could be written out completely. His inclusion in the game just feels like sequel baiting if you ask me. He does get some decent character development though.

I wonder if Gwen Stacy is in this? This is before Green Goblin is a thing so she might still be alive in this. For that matter I wonder what Doctor Strange or Dare Devil are doing in this? They're clearly canon in this game.

4941673 Gwen doesn't appear at all, and neither do any other Marvel superheroes.

All the Marvel-related stuff in the game (the Daredevil locales, Sanctum Sanctorum, Damage Control, Avengers Tower, etc) are just there for flavor and as a love letter to the Marvel universe. The only thing they COULDN'T put in was the Baxter Building because of those pesky rights issues with the F4.

I know she isn't in the game I'm just wondering if she's canon. Like if it's possible for her to show up one day.

I mean Spider man at least gives an explanation for why the Avengers aren't involved in this. They're dealing with something out of the country. They usually take care of global threats so I bet they're rarely in their tower. Dr. Strange is also probably either with the Avengers or dealing with cosmic/mystical threats or something. Same with Black panther, but Dare Devil is like a local superhero you know along with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

It makes you wonder why anyone would have the balls to try to be a criminal in New York the Superhero capital of the Marvel verse. I swear there's no such thing as a slow day in the game. Someone is always either breaking and entering or doing an illegal drug trade or something.

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