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"Great" Moments in Comic Book History #1 · 6:24am Sep 21st, 2018

Might make a new blog series out of this, I'm sure I can find a lot of material for it.

So today I found out about this little event from one of Spidey's runs...

Every superhero has relationship problems, but I'm pretty sure Spidey is the only superhero who ever had a woman throw up on his dick. Yikes.

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I mean, to be fair, if I'm correct, in this case, Black Cat found out the dude she was about to bone was either A. A teenager, which probably could land her pedophilia charges, or they had been seeing eachother since he was a teenager, and into adulthood, which is also rather squicky

Though still not as bad as finding out Peter had been molested by a guy that looks like Quicksilver or Uncle Ben


pedophilia charges

Statutory rape, not pedophilia. If you're going to throw around law words, at least throw around correct law words.

Also, no woman in history who has EVER done it with a teenage dude has been branded a pedophile (which isn't even the correct term for it in ANY case), because of the double standard for such things. Adult man does it with a 15yo girl w/consent? He's a RSO before he's even out of the shower. Adult woman does it with a 15yo boy w/consent? Everybody congratulates the boy for his conquest.

This is rough man. Poor Pete.
What's Black Cat's deal in the comics? Most of my knowledge of Spider-man comes from the old animated series, where she was Felecia Hardy who got Captian America's super soldier formula and she knew Peter in civilian life( might have even dated him). So this is throwing me for a loop.

Black Cat likes Spider-Man. Peter Parker, not so much.

Worth noting that this only happened in Ultimate Universe. The original universe Black Cat is roughly Pete's age and she was totally into him even when she found out.

I'm having mixed feelings about Ultimate Universe as a whole. It had some good ideas. And a plethora of awful ones.

This could be a fun new blog series since I like comics.

Most of my comic book knowledge comes from Linkara/AT4W. Who I recommend for more ridiculous moments in comics.

Yeah. The natural reaction of a heterosexual female about to get intimate with an attractive male -- even if he's a teenaged male and she's an adult -- is to vomit.[/sarcasm]

There are so many other ways to show Black Cat's shock at Spidey's revelation that are appropriate.

P.S.: The internet really needs some sort of universal code to denote sarcasm. Think of how many misunderstandings would be avoided.

Clarification: She feels that Peter Parker is unnecessary and wants Spider-Man to dispose of him much as she's disposed of Felicia Hardy. It isn't that she doesn't "like" Pete, it's that she doesn't see the point of him when Spider-Man is so much more.

The 90s animated series cut Felicia an entirely new backstory from whole cloth. In the comics, her story is constantly in flux. For decades, she was just a catburglar with mad skillz who took after her catburglar dad. Then Kevin Smith decided she needed more rape in her backstory, so he changed her backstory so that she was raped in college and it drove her to crime. (Ugh.) As for powers, well... Nominally, she has no powers. Except sometimes she has bad luck powers she got from one dude or another, except then she loses them and gets cat powers instead, except then she loses THOSE and gets the bad luck powers back.

Ultimate Marvel was a Jesus-crunching mess.



I think the Ultimate Universe is most infamous for how it killed off so many characters, heroes and villains alike, left and right. It seemed like absolutely nobody was safe. However, it feels like it is also famous for being the start of Miles Morales after he took over as Spider-Man after Peter’s death.

But wouldn't she still be having sex with a minor, at least in terms of her having sex with Peter?

If there are supposed to be 3 pics, 1 & 2 are broken...

If five good things came out of the Ultimate Universe, Miles Morales is #1-5 on that list.

I already answered that question when I corrected your "pedophilia charges" (which isn't a thing, by the way) to "statutory rape".
(You can be criminally charged for: possession of child pornography, creation of child pornography, indecency with a minor, sexual assault on a minor, and statutory rape. You cannot be criminally charged for "pedophilia", that isn't an actual crime. It's the horrible stuff pedophiles do that's a crime.)

Oh, thanks. I thought pedophilia, aside from being a fetish, was also considered a crime in and of itself. Thank you

Ah, Ultimate Peter Parker: the teenager whose life sucked so goddamn much that Nick Fury put together a team of operatives for the purpose of taking him down, just because he was sure that Peter was going to snap and become a villain sooner or later.

Well actually based on some quick research I did, so I could be wrong on this when just using Google and Wikipedia, the age of consent and exact laws related to it varies from state to state with 16 being the lowest.

Also Ephebophilia is the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19, Hebephilia for ages 11 to 14 specifically, and then Pedophilia for the ages 10 and below but Hebephilia tends to be considered the same thing as being a Pedo.

Short version is, Black Cat would technically be a Ephebophila if she wanted to have sex with Peter, not a Pedo. But she doesn’t want to as the above comic shows and she’s already a criminal anyways, how much of difference would doing Statutory Rape make to her then?

Well, she would be a sex offender, which would ruin her life even moreso

Technically yes, but from her perspective she may have decided to keep stealing and thus adding on to her list of crimes over time. So to her it might not make much of difference by that point since she is already ruining her life by being a thief.

True, but if she is ever arrested and they find out, yeah...

Hey. Moe and Curly. Are you forgetting something? Such as Spider-Man's secret identity? Exactly who is going to charge Black Cat with anything when nobody knows in the first place? Also I'm pretty sure nobody gives a shit in the first place.

But hey, let's not let logic and reason stop a couple of anal-retentive stooges from ruining yet another thing on this site with pedantic AoC/ephebophilia debates.

Yeah, we'll stop it Moth. So, I mean at least she stopped it. Have Black Cat and Spidey EVER been in a serious relationship, or has it just been more so flirting and the occasional kiss between the two

In the 616 they have, yeah, but in the 616 they're the same age (or close to it).

Yeah, hasn't Peter been in his twenties for the past twenty or so years?

Yeah. Canonically he's 28 now.

Yeah, though as some reviewers, like Linkara point out, he's not always written like an experienced superhero should. I mean yeah, I enjoy his witty quips, but the dude doesn't even have life insurance, and then you got One More Day (Please tell me its effects are gone)

Didn't One More Day get retconned out of existence?

I honestly don't know anymore, and actually regret buying a copy at ComicCon (Only so I could see if it was bad as people say it is), on the plus side, I met Lou Ferrigno

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