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The Daily Thwip (9/19) (Spider-Man PS4) · 10:44pm Sep 19th, 2018

12 days later, I'm...still not finished with the game, because I'm only playing like 3-4 hours a day and spent a lot of time on side stuff, but I'm in no rush! Besides, I'm making a ton of progress.

Plot-wise, I'm juuuuust past the first formal appearance of Mister Negative at the ESU Halloween party. I've unlocked Taskmaster Challenges (all but Stealth) and have cleared a few Bomb and Drone challenges (but never with better than a Bronze ranking yet).

Speaking of stealth, I hate "get caught and it's game over" stealth missions like the brief, excruciatingly annoying Mary Jane stealth mission in Tombstone's garage. Ugh. At least the game is very forgiving with checkpoints. If I had to redo the entire thing every time I screwed it up I'd go spare.

I love how the game plays with the Halloween party as its way to "introduce" certain classic Spidey villains, and also that you have to fight a fake Rhino that's been corrupted by Mister Negative as a miniboss. That was awesome.

Oh, and I took down all the Demon warehouses. Just decided to go ahead and get rid of them straight off in a single hour-long session.

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Nice. Here's hoping that the Taskmaster fight, if there is one, plays in a similar fashion to the Mr. Freeze fight from Arkham City. Taskmaster is a villain who learns from his foes, while the fight is going on. His power is literally analyzing and replicating fighting styles in a matter of seconds. It would make perfect sense for his fight to involve you having to change your strategy multiple times mid-fight.

He isn't like mr. Freeze. He's just really annoying but you can beat him if you're assertive enough.

Friggin' missed opportunity there.

There's a buttload of DLC missions coming out, including one where you actually DO cross Black Cat's path, so we might just get that yet.

Again sorry about yesterday's comment
I hadn't played aby today cuz I'm at work posting this on my phone so no farther for me. Though it sounds like you're playing it for about the same amount of time as I have a day.

Something that has bugged me and admittedly it's SUPER nitpicky. The difficulty names. Friendly being easy is fine. I think I'd have preferred Spectacular for normal and Amazing for hard then the other way around or perhaps Amazing for normal and Ultimate for hard.

I've only been able to get a gold rank once and I needed a walkthrough. Granted I scored higher then the walkthrough but still. Getting a high rank in stealth is a challenge because you have to keep the pace going and build a combo count. Mess up and you have to start all over. I love stealth though so I relish the challenge. The trial and error really let's me adapt to the environment so I can figure out how to route my enemies efficiently. Keyword divide and conquer.

I'm down with anything with Black Cat in it. As I've established I love stealth missions.

To be fair he's pretty challenging in his own right. He still is capable of predicting and even mimicking your moves. It's just if you come in expecting the fight to be like Mr. Freeze, you're going to be disappointed.

So closer to a mirror match?

Yeah pretty much. He's like Spider Man with a sword. No web shooters but he uses a grappling hook in a similar manner to Spider Man.

I freaking loved the Halloween mission in that game. It was so clever to see the classic Spidey villains as Halloween costumes there XD And also that miniboss was brilliant.

It makes me wonder if there's an in universe explanation for that? Like there's some pretty glaring contrast between Electro's designs.

Could be something as simple as the costume makers making the scary real-life supervillains look more kid-friendly and thus marketable.

Well the problem with that is the only people we see wear those costumes are college students so I don't think they need to be kid friendly. Also when you think about it wouldn't that be like dressing like a famous real life serial killer like Jeffrey Dahmer. With that context it's kind of in poor taste isn't it?

No, it's mostly college faculty wearing it. One guy's dressed as Rhino, but it was three professors as Mysterio, Vulture and Lizard. And yes, I am aware of the implications of there being in-universe costumes for destructive villains like Rhino and Lizard. (Mysterio gets more of a pass because he's not really a murderer.)

Just remember the MST3K mantra in that regard.

You guys are overlooking the most obvious answer: Spidey's villains update their look periodically. Hell, one of the Backpacks even contains a piece of "Shocker's original costume".

That too. XD

And besides, we were just getting sidetracked, I think. Sorry for cluttering up the comments!

Shocker sure, but it's been established that Rino is trapped in his armor so I don't think he could periodically update it especially since he wants to remove it.
I think the most likely answer is most of the costumes are home made. That one chick dressed as mysterio is kind of evidence of that. Also the idea of the super villains running around in their 60's gear is kind of hilarious to think about. The guy dressed as vulture starts cawing like a bird, WHAT!! :rainbowlaugh:

I have heard though that Electro's scars are shaped like his mask though.

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