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The Daily Thwip (9/18) (Spider-Man PS4 spoilers) · 11:16pm Sep 18th, 2018

So today I got back to advancing the plot a bit...

Today's session was nothing but plot events: the City Hall bombing, Spidey discovering Martin Li's link to the Demons, the introduction of Silver Sable, and Otto's newest experiment. Also, Demon Warehouses are unlocked on the map, and I'll probably tackle them next session.

I'm getting a LOT better at stealthing bases. I still end up with a huge fight on my hands, but I always at least manage to get the first two batches of snipers and guards before all hell breaks loose.

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It always irks me that even if you stealth takedown the first wave in a base, the second wave onward immediately eliminates stealth options.

Neat, makes me really want start reading more comics, cause I got to say, Martin Li is quite interesting from what I know of him

I did not expect the City Hall stuff to happen. Or at least, I really didn't expect the game to slam in that dark a direction there. :twilightoops:

They knocked it out of the park with it, of course. But still, it was a hell of a surprise to see suicide bombers in a Spider-Man game. o_0

Yeah that sucks.

4940045 This is the first I've heard of Martin Li in any Spider Man media, but I have no clue whether that means he's a recent addition or just an obscure one.

He's a recent edition the comics, and what is in the game matches up pretty well with how he is in the comics, except Martin, as he is, is actually a good person, and Mr. Negative is well....sinister

Martin Li and Screwball are fairly recent additions to Spidey's pantheon of rogues, first appearing roughly 10 years ago.

Comment posted by Fusion Blaster deleted Sep 19th, 2018

He's pretty cool but the previews were pretty deceptive. They make it seem like he's the main antagonist but he's not. Still he made a good first impression. I wanna say he's like Marvels answer to two face.

ERK! Maybe spoilermark some of the stuff you KNOW I'm not anywhere close to yet? ^^;;

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