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How to Write Pinkie Pie · 3:33am Sep 18th, 2018

"Oh Tumbleweed!" you cry.

"Welcome back from that vacation adventure! Surely you have more wonderful pony stories in the works, yes? But if there are no updates to be made in the near future, could you at least tell us how to write the pink pony, because you are best at ponies?"


Step 1: Drink drinks. Party drinks. Which ostensibly are any drinks that one consumes at a party, though certain combinations can be useful. With notes such as: served in a solo cup, served with a little umbrella in it, or being mostly sugar-flavored vodka.

Drink like a sorority girl, is what I'm saying.

I will not be held responsible for your hangover.

Step 2: Listen to this.

You thought that was gonna be an Andrew W.K. song, didn't you? Which isn't to say that Andrew W.K. isn't super-rad, but at the same time, I look for just a little more in the way of nuance. This is, of course, because I am best at ponies. And, like, the vague references to The Book of Revelations in that song can obviously be tied to Pinkie Pie's unflagging optimism in the face of nigh-weekly apocalypse. Or something.

Also it's a really fun song that gets me a little rowdy so that's neat.

Step 3: Just, uh, write the story, I guess.

Only try not to make Pinkie Pie "random" because that is cheap and awful and typically really badly done because the writer has no real grip of, you know, comedy.

Thankfully, I can do comedy.

Thankfully, I am best at ponies.

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Comments ( 4 )

Sideways logic and internal consistency are what I would label as the two most important elements of a good Pinkie Pie.

Oh Tumbleweed!
I cry when people abuse the fourth wall with Pinkie. Or Discord. You can only repeat the same cheap joke so many times.

If it feels like Pinkie Pie is looking over your shoulder and offering suggestions for her own dialogue, you're doing it right. At least, I hope that's what that means.

One thing I think should be kept in mind when writing Pinkie is that, weird, silly and offbeat as she is, she has incredibly strong Earth Pony values under all the party fluff. The importance of family, the sacredness of promises, and a practically Stakhanovian work ethic are all parts of her character, just as much as they are Applejack's.

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