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The Daily Thwip (9/17) (Spider-Man PS4) · 5:40pm Sep 17th, 2018

Spider-Man Beyond.

So yesterday, between a lazy Sunday in bed kind of day and a full-day TMNT 2012 marathon on Nicktoons, I actually didn't get any Spidey time in at all. Today, though...

In a roughly 4-hour Spidey session, I:
- Finished finding all the Black Cat stakeouts
- Found the rest of the backpacks
- Snapped the last few landmarks I needed
- Finished all the Thug Crimes and almost all the Demon Crimes
- Cleaned out the last Kingpin Base
- Got all but one of my available side missions finished (the one with the fucking pigeons--no, the OTHER one with the fucking pigeons)
- Took care of several more research stations (there are still a few I'm saving for later because Fuck That level difficulty)

So basically I've mopped up most of what I can do without advancing the plot, so I'm ready to get back to the story now. My completion level is hovering right around 53%, I think?

In conclusion: SCREW YOU, SCREWBALL!!

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Comments ( 15 )

Aww... you still don't have the 2099 Spidey costume?

The Dark suit grew on me in my second playthrough. I liked to use it exclusively during stealth missions. Before I just used the mark 2 suit. I'm usually only comfortable using the lore friendly suits at least during the story.

That Screwball sidequest can go die in a fire!

Eh, it was pretty cool except for Screwball is a twat, but as a gameplay quest? It was easy compared to, say, the Times Square research station mission. Or the one with the steam vents. Or the sidequest with the half dozen pigeons that you can't even FOLLOW...that quest is BROKEN AS FUCK. -_-

4939152 I don't even know what the idea behind Screwball is supposed to be other than a supervillan kind of gameshow host. But don't we already kind of have that in Taskmaster?

Screwball is basically a minor supervillain personification of Jackass or viral videos. She's a social media queen who gets clicks by causing havoc and getting Spidey to show up to deal with her bullshit. She stays out of jail because she "technically" doesn't commit any crimes, she just eggs on other criminals and streams the results.

Screw balls mission wasnt that difficult. Im just glad you only have to deal with her once.

I don't know why; I thought it was pretty easy. And kind of amusing.

Come on the pigeons aren't that hard to catch. I've beaten that side mission twice. Getting gold rank on Taskmasters challenges now that's a challenge.

4939472 Maybe it's just when I tackled it, but that second or third Task Master bomb mission I undertook, there's difficulty spike and then there's just jacking up the difficulty because you wanna see how many people you can get to rage quit. But the absolute worst of the worst sidequests, come late into the game.

I've beaten the challenges just fine with a little trial and error. Getting high ranks is the tough part. In my second playthrough I played on the hardest difficulty. Fighting Taskmaster my first playthrough was easy enough but on the harder mode he kicked my ass twice. I've had some trouble with stealth missions but I never thought they were broken or anything. Honestly in the game I've only encountered 2 glitches. One time I accidentally crashed through the floor and another time all the buildings and even the floor became intangible and I kept falling to my death. I didn't even now there was fall damage in the game.

I finally got the Challange token missions unlocked.

From that image you have 2 suits i don't have unlocked and I have 2 you haven't unlocked.

I totally agree Screwball is a vapid bitch.

I've been having a lot of fun switching to random Spidey costumes. I mostly stick to dark suits at night and lighter suits during the day, but given the point in the game where I am now, I might switch to the Negative Suit for the prison camp missions because I legit can't even SEE Spidey with as little light as there is now.

Makes sense, and fits the character. I mean that's even why he made the final suit, ain't it?

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