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Project Updates · 8:41am Sep 17th, 2018

My loyal followers and fairweather fans, know this: I have not given up on ponyfic. If you want to read more writing, you'll be happy to know I'm actually writing stories in my spare time now. Also, I broke down and finally started my very own Human in Equestria story, which basically means I have ascended to become a level 10 brony, up from a lowly level 8 where I still retained some dignity and sense of shame. But it's also double the man count because I'm also chugging along with the next (long, harsh, difficult to get through) chapter of Flash Sentry, Savior of the Universe.

Here's some teasers.

Flash stopped in the middle of the hall.

“Hey, speaking of, if we say her name she knows where we are, right?”

“Yeah,” Brad said. “You think if we say it enough it’ll annoy her off the trail of her target?”

“It’s all we really have to go on, dude,” Flash said. “We need a way to draw her out into that marker-trap thing you’re gonna draw. Is there anything else you can tell me about them? Anything else that will make her show up?”

“Uhhh…” Brad squinted thoughtfully. “Well, we know that there’s magic rituals that can summon creatures from the Gaian Abyss—”

Flash shuddered. “Why does so much pony stuff sound terrifying?”

“—but they don’t really teach Guards the specifics,” Brad continued. “The book did say that Kindly Ones feel a particular compulsion to appear to those who have a score to settle.”

Flash ran his hand over the walls. “So one of us has to have a beef with someone. A situation dire enough that it needs a Kindly One’s attention. We need some raw, red-hot hatred.”

“Yeah, but I don’t hate anyone!” Brad said, horrified at the mere thought. “That’s like, the opposite of being a pony.”

Happy Trails was a human before he was a pony. With no hope of returning home, he wanders the furthest corners of the earth, hoping to get as lost as he feels. But the only interdimensional traveler in Equestria has been stranded long enough to have history. History that follows him.

Gertie the griffin always wanted to fit in. She never will. But Happy Trails is also alone. Perhaps being alone together will make the road easier.

In a remote village at the end of the world, two castaways might finally find themselves.

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Red what are you doing.

Red think of the children.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Flash is going to start writing the next script of Twilight? :twilightoops:

I'd ask what my level is, but then I remembered that I wrote a self-insert HiE back in 2014. It was for the Most Dangerous Game, but still.

In any case, looking forward to seeing where you go with these. (Also, does this mean brony is a prestige class?)

If HiE is the next level of brony I have failed, for it's not my thing. Then again, when I have self-insert Equestria fantasies I appear as my pony, not me. So...that could be level 11.

Hey, at this level you get a feat. Although I don't know why you don't just use the cheat codes.

Yeeeeeaaah bring on the HiE!



I am.

I am showing them the future.

The future we have already self-inserted into.

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