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I became a Brony in the summer of 2017, and I'm also obsessed with dinosaurs, science and friendship.

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  • Saturday
    Technical difficulties: my computer torn apart

    Hey, guys. Due to technical difficulties, the story has been delayed. It's not a cancelation. While I'm still alive, my computer broke apart somehow despite still intact. Until my computer is fixed, I'll return to continue on my writing. Even though, I don't know how to fix computers, but hopefully, one of my parents could. Be patient, I will be available soon.

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  • 1 week
    Debunk Media Zealot's critique on the aliens (Martians) from War of the Worlds

    Hey, guys. Today I'm going to debunk Media Zealot's critique. Even though I'm not a subscriber, I'm a casual fan of his channel because of how he criticizes the flaws of science fiction civilizations, such as the Galactic Empire, Borg, Psychlols, the aliens from Independence Day, and Signs aliens, and currently, movie villains. However, sometimes he misses the point. I'm not going to debunk all

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  • 2 weeks
    Chapter 3 now published!

    Hey, guys. Chapter 3 is now published, and my editing is finally done. Finally! Now, let's move on to chapter 4.

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  • 2 weeks
    Good news!

    Hey, guys. Good news, I'm gone editing chapter 3, and it will be published tomorrow morning. I hope you're excited because it's been a looooooong time.

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  • 7 weeks
    Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous trailer reaction and thoughts

    Camp Cretaceous is coming up on September 18th, and I can't wait to see this.

    Here are my opinions. It's a pretty decent trailer. It goes from protagonists interacting with park attractions, and then there's carnivores breaking out and chase the protagonists down, just like in any Jurassic films with the exception of the third movie.

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The Predator review · 10:58pm Sep 16th, 2018

Hey, guys. It's me, Tyrannosaurianrex9; and today I'm gonna review The Predator. I am a fan of Alien and Predator, and I have seen most of the movies. If you haven't seen this movie, don't read it because *Spoiler Alert*:

I've watched that movie, and I'm not gonna lie, it was the silliest Predator movie I've ever watched (but not as bad as Aliens vs Predator: Requiem which is the worst AVP movie in the series). It's got like silly moments like the characters in this movie were obnoxious, they're several embarrassing moments in the first half of the movie, and the Predator technology is SOOOO brand new like I've never seen anything like that since the last Predator movies. They're several references in this movie related to the last Predator movies such as 'Get to the Chopper' or 'You're on ugly beautiful Mother******', and they're several easter eggs in this movie such as the Xenomorph spear from 2004 Alien vs Predator. What's confusing me is that the predator had like human DNA, and I'm like, 'What are they talking about?' I mean, these Predators have green bioluminescent blood, there is no way that they're humans. They're several action scenes in this movie, but in the last half of the movie before the climax, a lot of characters die except for the main character, the kid who accidentally discovered Predator equipment, and a female biologist. In the end, after the climax, the main character in a research lab discovered an advanced equipment that could kill a predator. I'm not even sure if they could make another Predator movie, but I prefer they will make another Alien vs Predator movie, but only sets up after the events of Alien 3. Please make another AVP movie that takes place during the Alien Franchise, or we will be very disappointed.

Well, that's all for today. And thank you all for reading this, and I'll see you guys next time.

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