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New Patreon Reward and Commission Information · 8:17am Sep 16th, 2018

This post contains my new Patreon and commission information.

Please read the following information carefully.

If you enjoy my fanfiction works, my blogs, and/or my Youtube videos, please consider expressing your appreciation by making a pledge to my Patreon. You needn't pledge a huge amount--a dollar a month will more than suffice as a "tip" in my "tip jar", and would be greatly appreciated.

For Patrons pledging $10 or more per month, I offer story bumps as rewards. This system incentivizes me to place some stories on a priority list that might otherwise languish in hiatus for eternity, while allowing my patrons to express special interest in the stories they most want to see updated. Bumps are queued once your monthly pledge has been processed--if, for example, your pledge is processed on September 1st, your bumps are queued for September. I will no longer be taking commissions through Patreon. If you wish to discuss a commission with me, please PM me. My commission prices will vary based on my workload and what you want me to write. I will not accept Mature commissions. I reserve the right to reject any commission request for any reason.

Stories available to be bumped are weighted by average chapter length, average time commitment per chapter, and general difficulty to write. For this reason, it will cost more money to bump certain stories than others. Patrons may also choose to bump multiple stories, of course, so long as their pledge covers the per-chapter pledge for the story in question.

At present, I am only offering bumps for My Little Pony, Equestria Girls, and Miraculous Ladybug stories, as those are the fandoms I am primarily working in now. This may change from time to time.

Mature stories are now permanently available for bumping. Please note that all Mature stories are $30 per chapter.

When selecting stories to bump, please also select two alternates from the $10 menu; these alternates will be substituted for higher-tier stories if I find myself unable to fulfill your first choice of bump.

Below, you will find the menu of stories available for bumping as Patreon rewards. Stories available to be bumped my change from time to time. Stories that currently have too many outstanding bumps will be marked with [LOCKED]; please do not request them at this time.

($10 per chapter--these stories may be chosen as alternates)
I am NOT a "Bratty Daughter"...BAKA! (MLP)
Just Girls Talking* (MLP/Equestria Girls)
The Misadventures of Fluttermom and Discordad! (MLP)
Sonata the Drama (Equestria Girls/Kim Possible/various)
Trinity (MLP)
Turkey Bacon Club (MLP/Equestria Girls)

($20 per chapter)
Cheer Princess (Equestria Girls)
Chikan Senshi Sailormoon (Ranma/Sailormoon)
Comes a Crossover (MLP/Equestria Girls/everything else)
Equestria Girls Xenoverse (Equestria Girls/Dragonball)
Fear Princess (MLP)
A Little Chat (Miraculous Ladybug/Detective Conan)
Nooroo: Dark Wings Rise (Miraculous Ladybug)
Oops! I'm Equine Again (Equestria Girls)
Pharaoh Moans (MLP)
Photogenesis (Miraculous Ladybug)
Pokemon Harmony & Chaos (MLP/Pokemon)
Scatterbug (Miraculous Ladybug)
Scattered (Equestria Girls)
Spec2cular (Spectacular Spider-Man)
sPxHoLEic ~ A Great And Powerful Friendship ~ (MLP) [LOCKED]
Sunset Vs. (Equestria Girls)
Sweet and Sour (Equestria Girls)
Tri-State Aria! (Phineas and Ferb/Equestria Girls)

($30 per chapter)
Disastrous (Miraculous Ladybug)
Equestria Girls Gone Wild! (Equestria Girls) (Mature)
Everybody Does Sunset Shimmer! (Equestria Girls) (Mature)
Flurry the Furry & the Rainbow Generation (MLP/Equestria Girls)
Preparation H (Equestria Girls) (Mature)
Skygun (MLP/Trigun)
Sunset Nanodrive (Equestria Girls/Generator Rex)

*Just Girls Talking and Just Girls Talking Dirty are counted as the same story for the purposes of bumping; which one I happen to write is entirely arbitrary.

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Comments ( 5 )

This seems interesting and a very good idea. Wait, your Magical Girls story can be bumped? I thought that one was on hiatus until you finished Persona EG.

I've decided to put it on the bump menu as a test. And also because until Zef and I can both get in a place where we can finish Persona EG, there's no reason to leave that story on hiatus for another year or however long.

darm Sunset Knight not up for bump owell ill just bump A flash of regert

Bumps are handled over PMs, please. ^^;; I'm assuming you're the one who just edited their pledge? I'll be collecting official bump requests on the 1st.

i know to pm u and when just thinking out loud ... in a post ... in the middle of the night... ...😀

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