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The Daily Thwip 9/14 (Spider-Man PS4) · 12:04am Sep 15th, 2018

So today my focus has been entirely on completing as many little sidetrips as I can. I'm working from south to north. Not everything is unlocked yet, but I've been doing what I can--Thug and Demon Crimes, Research Stations, Backpacks, Landmarks, Black Cat Tokens, and (time and patience permitting) pigeons, as well as open sidequests.

So far I've cleaned out all of the above in Chinatown, the Financial District, and Hell's Kitchen, and am working my way through Midtown.

The subways are interesting.

I also still have a BUNCH of towers to activate, I think, because some areas of my map (especially around Central Park) are still dark. Also, because I've mostly been active in the aforementioned areas of Manhattan and...not so much the upper east side.

Once I've taken care of as much of the above as I can, I'll move on with the story.

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So does the game automatically make you swing if you're falling too fast, or what?

Nice workaround

Nope! I could've actually crashed right into the ground, I just chickened out and thwipped.


And thankfully, no fall damage, which is something some fans complain about the game lacking, for some reason

What happens if you do crash?

You realize the next step up is jumping off the EMpire State Building, right? And not swinging until you are mere fett from the ground. I dare ya!

You crack the HELL out of the pavement, but otherwise nothing.

Basically. I've...accidentally managed it more than once. ^^;;

4937736 Never forget Puddlegate and Raimigate.

Well I mean it kind of takes away a bit of the adrenalin doesn't it?

Do you think that the Fake Spidey was scared thwipless when he got surrounded by thugs?

Not really? Even though it's happening on a TV screen, you're in no physical danger, and there are absolutely no repercussions, it's still a hyper-realistic simulation of a 1000-foot death dive. Natural human instinct pretty much takes care of the adrenaline.

Y'know, something that bugged me. Spider man has a somewhat well-defined defined, if lean, muscle structure in most incarnations, right? Yet Peter Parker, in those incarnations as a high school/college student, is never acknowledged for being a geek/nerd with a lean, somewhat well-defined muscle structure.

That'd be because he wears loose clothes that don't show off his muscles (and often hides the Spidey suit underneath them).

It just feels weird that Spider Man can land from any height.

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