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Gun Jumping for Dummies · 10:53pm Sep 14th, 2018

Alright. So.

The comments on my previous blog have told me not to shut everything down because there's still a CHANCE that Article 13 and the rest of the EU Copyright Directive might not go through, as it needs to be negotiated by all the various member states who may end up putting the kibosh on some of the more heinous parts of the deal (at this point I fully expect Eastern Europe at the very least, and possibly the UK, to put up something of a fight. France, Germany, and Scandinavia are fucked tho).

What's more, there's rumblings about potentially exempting websites with less than 50 employees or ignoring smaller sites that 'technically' breach the new laws but since they aren't Google the EU apparently doesn't care?

I still feel that this law is perhaps one of the most heinous, anti-free speech, free expression, and free press laws I've ever seen. I still think that it's the beginning of some SERIOUS human rights violations in the west in the favor of big businesses and big government. I still think that it's possible we're barreling straight for a full on revolution if this goes through.

But it's POSSIBLE that I may have jumped the gun and that this site (and others) will make it through mostly unscathed

The problem is we don't seem to know. Most of what I've heard seems to be random musings with few sources backing them up and it doesn't sound like the EU has committed to anything in this regard yet. For all we know, this site and others could fall victim to the EU's 'final solution.' It seems that it depends on how much effort the EU is willing to put into enforcing the new law - specifically whether they just want to stick it to Google and Facebook and other major Silicon Valley players, or if they feel they need to actually enforce the law wholesale as it's written.

Things are up in the air right now. So...

...I don't WANT to quit. I legitimately don't. I would really LIKE to continue writing these fics. Even if it's just so I can feel accomplished that I finally finished something for once in my life, I want to continue them.

...but if it's just going to be deleted then why should I waste the time and effort?

So I figure that I'll just hold off on deciding on anything drastic until more information comes in. I won't mark any of my stories as 'cancelled' yet, and I'll see if I can muster up the will to write something. I've got a chapter and a half of AJ:Marvelous waiting to be edited, so that might come out soon.

But I can't say that these recent events really provide a good mental environment/headspace for me to write in. There may, unfortunately, be another stall, unless good information comes out.

We'll see.

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Comments ( 14 )

FimFiction will be fine. Even if they have to host the site in America, the site will be fine and you can still do everything you've done before.

Hang in there. There are still options and opportunities.

This world is a mess. Sometimes I legitimately believe revolution is the best solution.

I kind of agree, but the ensuing anarchy will be absolutely devastating for all involved. :applecry:
Last resort at best, but inevitable none the less. :ajsleepy:
Usually caused by those with power, not being able to keep those under tham happy. :trixieshiftright:
Also avarice/greed is the root of all of this. America, I feel, is just waiting for that right spark to ignite everything. :pinkiecrazy:

I think it will not he as drastic as you think. FIMFICTION will probably be okay. And you can publish on American site too. Your stories are good with potential.

Go write Marvel AJ punch Nazi or something with Capitain America. It will focus all that rage against that wrong against free speech. You are an author, so get angry and frustrated and write about it. It will good to vent.

Make it a one shot or a spin-off.

Just saying.

Hey, I live in Scandinavia. And that’s I have to stop writing on this page.

Remember what Sonambula says, have hope. We can't stand down just yet mate. ;)

Well from what I’ve just read up on, Artical 13 is about copyrighted content such videos, music and such, so fimfiction should be just fine. Even then, as you said, it has to be implemented by each eu state, which probably won’t happen as there are a few who would refuse just to stick it to Brussels. Keep writing, (I’m looking forward to more AJ: Marvelous), and see what happens in few weeks. Hopefully the articals won’t be implemented here in the uk which is where fimfiction is hosted.

Why's Scandinavia screwed?

A while back there was a graph released that showed which member states of the EU had representatives that were in favor of Art13, which ones weren't, and which ones were split on the issue.

Assuming I remember correctly, France, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries were some of the ones that voted "highly in favor" of Art13. As in, like, 90+ percent of their representatives were in favor of it.

Well.... shit.

It’s now October 6th and this website is still good

I wonder if anything happened.

It isn't slated to go into effect until January.

In a couple of weeks we will see if this site is gunned down by that stupid new law

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