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Necromancy for Foals 2 · 6:51pm Sep 14th, 2018

You know, I did say that I was going to post the first chapter on October 1st...

But... well, why not release it now?

It'll take a bit to get auto-approved

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Half a month early? You won't see me objecting.

I know I’ve probably overhyped it in my head, but I can’t help it I absolutely loved the first one, both the ideas in it and the writing itself

Looks like it is a early Hearths warming present today :D

I saw this and immediately started jumping in joy I love this story.

Y'know, I was having a shitty week. I managed to break my phone, I was on the painful end of a Bike vs. Van accident, and then I got sick. But I think this evens things out. Thanks for making my week, Sanny.

Oh boy oh boy! Time for some justifiably angry undead Colt shenanigans!

What is your release schedule looking like?:twilightblush:


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