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Chapter 7 incoming. · 5:34am Sep 13th, 2018

Part 1 is 5000 words.

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its a multi=parter, I shall prepare the blue protector!

Yasss :yay:
Glad to hear it!


Woo! Such a unique fic with well done execution, I'm glad to see progress!

Time to keep refreshing the page!

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two things
1) Did he just lock himself in an airtight suit with a stogie still in his mouth... that's stupid and manly like breaking your knuckles punching a lion.
2) A good to see you back a good story should never die,

Tychus is the kind of guy who'd LIKE being in a smokey suit, though it's not clear if the suit's ventilation blows enough air over their face to handle that...

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