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The Daily Thwip (Spider-Man PS4 spoilers) · 10:31pm Sep 12th, 2018

Since for the moment I'm not posting any more PS4 Spidey videos on YouTube, I'll just post a daily recap blog of my game progress.

So in between swinging around the city (arguably the most fun part of the game), fighting random crime (with a reasonable success rate but I still lose the occasional thug fight), and doing landmarks and backpack tokens, I've made a bit of story progress today!

So not to overspoil the game:

- Two encounters with Shocker
- The Demons are active and at war with Fisk's gang
- Osborn has pulled Octavius' funding, putting Peter's job in danger
- Spider-Man and Officer Jeff Davis teamed up to investigate a Fisk shipping depot which turned out to be a front for a massive weapons cache, which the Demons raided.

Oh, and I've finally figured out what I was doing wrong with car chases, and it's super groanworthy: I wasn't using Web Zips. It's like, "is it plugged in" simple. Deeeeeerp.

Incidentally, the Suit Power I most commonly use is Web Blossom, and as for Suits, I switch freely between Advanced, Velocity, and Secret Wars.

By the way, with three new DLC episodes already confirmed to be on the way by year's end, I can easily see this game being expanded through DLC for a good two years' worth of new content before Insomniac even needs to THINK about a sequel. And having proved themselves with Spider-Man, it would honestly not surprise me if they got tapped to make even more Marvel games. Iron Man anyone?

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True, or a Daredevil Game, or a Hulk game that could perhaps rival Ultimate Destruction

A Hulk game would be wild given Insomniac's penchant for creating massive world environments where you can break LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

I mean, Radical (If memory serves), pulled it off back in the early 2000's so....imagine that but with today's hardware

ESPECIALLY with Insomniac's engine for PS4 Spidey, which is one of the most advanced game engines I've ever seen.

In any event, all thoughts of another Marvel property expressed in a game by Insomniac aside? I just want a lot of great DLC seasons out of this first game. I'll be buying the first season pass next month for the first 3 DLC chapters, but what I really really hope they add in 2019's second season of DLC? Venom and Carnage.

Oh that would be delicious.

...Okay, NOW can I post the Shocker clip?

That depends. Can I post the my foot up your ass clip? :trixieshiftright:

You sound as far As I do in the storyline

Backpacks 100%
Landmarks 100%
Secret Photo Ops 100% (I admit i cheated and looked them up online)
Most common Suits : Advanced, Armor Mk 2 & Stark suit.
I find my most used power is the focus regen power and Web Blossom.

I'm nowhere close to 100%ing ANYTHING but I'll get there. I'm in no hurry, unlike apparently everybody else. Why don't people take their TIME with games as beautifully crafted as this? :raritydespair:

I'm not rushing either. Till yesterday I hadn't played since Sunday. I just tend to do a lot of the side stuff early in open world games.

I just felt like hunting down all the backpacks. Though I love how they lampshaded how the perpetually broke Pete could have gotten all those packs.

Yeah, I'm weaving back and forth between open-world stuff and story stuff. I think I've gotten ALMOST all the towers. I'm at like 19/55 on the backpacks, and just unlocked the Black Cat collectibles this morning.

Yeah I just got those unlocked myself before I got off the PS4 last night. I'll probably grab them all this evening after i get back from shopping.

My favorite suits are the MK2 and 3 suit. Also The Last stand and the Anti-Ock suit

If Insomniac made another Marvel game, I'd be ALL for it.

Iron Man or Hulk would be my top picks.

There’s really no need to cheat with the secret photo ops as there’s a gadget unlock near the very end that allows you to find them all.

I’ve been playing this game almost non stop all week and I’m about 75% in and it’s only got more interesting. Yeah I’ve got 100% in backpacks, landmarks, and Black Cat. The only thing that really frustrates me is the Taskmaster challenges. They’re hard to get more than 1 resource point and they’re needed to get all the really high end gadgets and suits.

Oh and the suits I play most are the white spider suit and the stark and iron spider suit. The stark suit with the spider drone power works really well and I really like the MCU Spider-Man. (Yes every time I spell Spider-Man I’ll be remembering the comment he made to Kingpin at the beginning of the game.)

Insomniac Games was the only games company that could do Spider-Man any justice. Simply because Insomniac had already developed world traversal in their Infamous games.

If you’ve played the latest Infamous game you already find yourself running up walls and gliding across city buildings. All they had to do was improve with web swinging to get it working for the Spider-Man game.

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