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In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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Update for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about. · 1:39am Sep 12th, 2018

The one about to hit me is a 4, and i have to work tonight.

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Comments ( 49 )

stay safe man. I have family down in Southport so safe prayers for you and them.

boi.. huracanes are no fucking joke! bunker down or get the fuck out of doge! I should know.. been threw a few

Be careful and stay safe man! My prayer are with you and your family!

Please stay safe! If they say you need to evacuate, please follow the instructions! We only have one you, everything else can be replaced!

I’m in Virginia I might not be as screwed as you but I’m still screwed

Survive! Plleeaassee Survive! Only so you may finish TGAP season 2.. lol jk :pinkiecrazy:

Stay safe 👌 dude!

Stay as safe as you can SADLY as long as its over the ocean it can pick up strength not as much as during the day but still

You need to evacuate. Don't go to work.

Stay safe and best of luck

Here's my opinion....leave. Don't stick around,pack up anything that is expensive or has sentimental value to you, gather your love ones and evacuate for the rest of the week. No point in risking it. If you are going to stay though I wish you luck.

Stay safe. Get out of there if you have to but stay safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.






Already set to bunker down. In a good spot no real trees in an actual house. Not an area that has ever flooded.

Also bought a lotto ticket to burn up a bit of bad luck.

you also better have enough supplys to last if and WHEN the power gose out.. also make sure everything you need is charged!

Sweet Korean baby Jesus!
..... you might want to call in sick tonight.
But in all seriousness, good luck. My best wishes to you and yours.

I live about 2 hrs to the NE of you! Ain't that amazing. I'm set to ride it out, but I live in a trailer and am ready to leave at any time. Hope we all don't get blown away!

I'm more curious if he evacuated immediately after posting this....
I sure would if I was that close to the hurricane and it arrives tomorrow.

Burn as much bad luck as possible, and if you happen to have won big on that ticket THEN do as suggested and just GTFO. Cause if you won big that means the universe is saying 'Yeah your gonna need the cash after this.'


Oh yeah that is the plan


Nope still here at work too getting paid for telling people we're closed

And your work is? (Besides telling people to go away)

You at least inside the store?

If the order to evacuate comes in, go. Remember, things can be replaced, your life cannot.

You may be in an area that has never flooded before, but you’re still on the coast line, and Florence is going to be parked where she lands for a few days. The estimated storm surge is going to be between 13 and 18 feet, and that’s before the flooding caused by the the rain comes into play.

Which is only going to make the water rise higher.

Right now, Florence is looking to do what Harvey did to Huston and what Maria did to Pureto Rico where ever it lands. You do not want to be there when it lands.

Lul, methinks life (and story) are a little more important than a hairbrained late night assignment just to protect property when a hurricane is literally within 12 hours of coming straight for the store.


Nope outside the front door



Not dumb enough to not be worried but i should be fine storm wise. House is in an elivated position and secure with few trees.

Plan was always to hunkerdown

Doesn't category 4 (even if it dies down to a 3) demonstrated in one of the images above say trees and elevation doesn't matter to hurricane winds...

Unless of course your bunker is a good distance underground.


winds no but flooding yes

Cool, you live near the beach ;)

Anyways, stay safe.

Isn't it the wind that's usually destroying buildings and trees the most, not the flooding at elevated places?


while there's a lot of damage , a secure building is usualy safe enough up to a certain point around here. [ Required building codes etc etc.] Flooding does the most overall damage to everything in a given area.

Now if it was staying a high four or a five , my ass would be gone, but it's looking to drop to a 2 as soon as it makes landfall

Comment posted by theillustriousq deleted Sep 12th, 2018

You do not have permission to die.
Do You Hear Me Soldier?!
Please stay safe TDR.

Last I checked, it was Likely to dwindle down to a 3.

Latest National Hurricane Center advisories are out: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPAT1+shtml/121458.shtml


The projections are worse than they were 24 hours ago.


all eyes are on it

Welp, you're fucked.
Or at least your neighborhood is.

pluz dount dye, I like ur words

Hurricane is a cat. 2 now I think.


Barely that

I think given the current status that now the only true risk is anyone in flooding areas, with trees around them, or being stupid and leaving their house.


Mostly the last bit

Yep. Hence why that's the more important part of my statement. Cause only a idiot leaves shelter during a hurricane. The only time seeking out shelter can involve being outside in a natural disaster is earthquakes in which case being out in the middle of nowhere with flat ground around you for miles is suitable shelter for that. Cause there is nothing that can fall on you and squish you and as long as your not over the fault line at worst you'll get some scrapes if you fall over. With Hurricanes/Tornadoes as long as you stay inside for the lower level ones, such as the one Florence changed to, your golden as long as your away from windows, being in a basement/bunker is more safe. Still it's good to know that you now have a stronger chance of survival. Guess burning your bad luck on a lottery ticket was more effective than you thought.


Well i didnt win and basements around here are called indoor swimming pools

News just showed one person poking his head out into his 2nd story porch (I think its second story, hard to tell) and the water's almost submerging one of his neighbor's 1st story window (who also left the lights on for some odd reason)

You still alive out there?

Lul, lots of reports are coming in and while the hurricane's died down to a tropical storm, lot of people are complaining that they should have left instead of try and "brave" the hurricane.

Is that Wilmington? I remember stopping by there five years ago for the USS North Carolina.

(Might be better to answer in PMs.)

You still alive out there TDR?

EDIT: Death toll's up to 15 ppl, Better hope you're not one of them, boi.

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