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    And the next installment of "Paranoid Pink" has been completed and posted! :yay:

    There's just two chapters to go, so here's hoping I can finish the story in the next few weeks.

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    General Status Update

    Hello all.

    It's "good news, bad news" time once again.

    Bad news first. Just to get it out of the way... I haven't gotten to make any progress on the third chapter of Paranoid Pink in the past several days. Chalk it up to a busy weekend and some things going on off-site. (Nothing major, I was just rushing to deal with some stuff over on DeviantArt before Eclipse went up for good.)

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    Submitted my first story

    And now, we wait for a result.

    I must admit, I'm just a little bit nervous. I mean, it's nothing fancy, just a story I began writing for giggles and nothing more, but I hope it passes muster before the night is up. Though I admit I have no idea it usually takes the mods to accept or reject a story, unless of course it's naturally a rule-breaker. :applejackunsure:

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    (This was originally posted on my DA account. A PM conversation I had yesterday inspired me to share it on here too.)

    I grew up with comic books from a pretty young age, but it wasn’t until I was nearly in high school before I really knew anything about Batman and the Joker.

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Been spending a LOT of time on the new Spider-Man game... · 12:50am Sep 12th, 2018

And let me tell you guys, it's been a blast all the way through. :pinkiehappy:

Now admittedly, it's been a LONG time since I really played a Spider-Man game. I still have the two PS1 games (Spider-Man, and Enter Electro, respectively), and I played the games of the first two Tobey Maguire movies, but that's about it.

Since about the time of Spider-Man 3 (which came out in 2007 or so, and MAN that feels like a long time ago), I have not played a game focused on the ol' wall-crawler.

Because really, not many of them impressed me. Web of Shadows just did nothing to interest me, and the two Amazing Spider-Man games... well, there's what they say about most tie-in games, you know?

But this one - Marvel's Spider-Man - looked really good to me.

I mean, I wasn't a big fan of the new suit design, but it's grown on me. (And also, you can swap back to the classic red-and-blue number anytime you want; plus plenty of other unlockable costume options, so you're by no means forced to keep the suit with the big white spider XD)

I'll try to avoid spoiling major details for people who may want to play it for themselves, but let me just say a few things.

One: The webslinging mechanics are wonderful. The very moment you first swing from a web through a crowded Manhattan street... I whooped like an idiot at the sheer FUN of it. XD

Two: The combat in the games very much takes a cue from the Batman Arkham series, but it's also notably different in other ways. Let me put it to you like this: Arkham is about countering, deflecting an enemy's strikes and punching back. Spidey here, is all about dodging THEN hitting back. You really gotta be lightning-quick when the Spider-Sense alert goes off over Peter's head. (I've been playing over two days, logging lots of hours, and I can still get my ass kicked by street-level goons )

Three: The game does a really good job updating a lot of the Spider-Man characters to modern New York. (A particularly clever twist is their take on Dr. Otto Octavius, who instead of being a nuclear radiation specialist is now working on developed advanced prosthetic limbs for the disabled.) Other interesting updates include J. Jonah Jameson having retired from newspaper management in favor of running a podcast (and a lot of his rants are hilarious - I just wish he was voiced by J.K. Simmons)… One thing that surprised me is that Mary Jane is now working as an aspiring journalist at the Daily Bugle, while Peter is focusing more on his scientific career for a day job. At first I was a bit dubious about MJ as a reporter (thought it made her a bit too close to Lois Lane or Vicki Vale) but it works out pretty well. The game also does some good work with Aunt May, by having her as a major helper at a homeless shelter in the city.

Four: Peter/Spider-Man is played to near perfection by Yuri Lowenthal. I don't know yet if I'd consider him my favorite Spider-Man, but he comes really damn close. :twilightsmile:

And finally, number Five: The game is just really well-made. New York looks absolutely gorgeous, there's lots of fun landmarks to see (both from real life and from Marvel) and plenty of fun/interesting sidequests to take on... even chasing down a guy's escaped pet pigeons is really enjoyable :rainbowlaugh:

And since I sprung for the Season Pass, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming DLC later this fall.

So yeah, I'm having a ball with this new Spidey game.

But I do hope to get some other writing done this week. I haven't forgotten about you guys. XD

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Comments ( 4 )

So, you've probably finished the game by now, how's about them feels?

Oh yes, there was a lot of feels at the end of that story. Yuri Lowenthal's performance in the climax broke my heart over and over again... especially that scene with Aunt May. :fluttershysad:

Oh dear God, that last scene was brutal.

"You do what you think is best, Doc. It's all any of us can."
"Even when it hurts like hell."


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