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Moth Plays MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN Part 3! · 1:22am Sep 10th, 2018

In which I show everyone just how bad I really am at this game, and also that I have no idea how to stop a car chase.

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Comments ( 3 )

Those car chases are hard to get the hang of. Stopping the car safely at the end has a very narrow input window, so it's almost required for you to start mashing the button ahead of time.

It's harder to handle when the thugs start using machine guns. Those are harder to dodge but I've only failed like 1 or 2 car chases.

Just a tip but you need to upgrade your web shooters. When you web someone up try throwing them towards a wall and they'll instantly be taken down. If you knock down an enemy on the floor web them up so they can't get back up. Upgrade points in inovator so that you can steal weapons from enemies like guns, shields, and melee weapons.

The difference between this and the Arkham games is that Spiderman is capable of fighting against armed forces without relying on Stealth. There isn't really anything you can't dodge as long as you time it properly.

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