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Doing a lot of thinking as of late. My pm box is always open if you wanna talk ^_^

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  • 258 weeks
    Ask me anything

    I'm pissed off, losing my cool. So ask me anything you want. NSFW stuff included.

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  • 261 weeks
    Here's a guess the quote:

    it's 1 am and I'm tired so here is a late night guess the quote. If anyone wants. :/

    I would just like to say that as a rich capitalist I welcome your Tyrannical rule! Perhaps I can be one of your uh, horsemen of the apocalypse?
    Not now, sweetie, the grown-ups are talking.
    Oh wow, that's a great offer. How about instead I shuffle the functions of every hole on your face?

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    Season 3 of Miraculous

    So now Lila is a recurring character who has made it her mission to destroy Marinettes friendships.

    Yaaaaaaay. :facehoof:

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    My life is now Hawkmoth Memes

    It is a sad life, but it is mine.

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  • 266 weeks

    -Wha? NO! MI-RA-CU-LOUS!





    Master? Is everything okay?

    ....Nooroo. You will not speak of this to anyone. Or so help me God.

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So just a check: Anyone of my followers play Blazblue Cross Tag Battle? · 7:12pm Sep 9th, 2018

I run the game on my Switch. If anyone has it and wants to go up against me, PM me and I'll set up a lobby. If you don't have the switch version, still lemme know what characters you run and why.

I run Gordeau/Tager, while a lot consider it to be cheap, Gordeau's range is a relief for me, and Tager's close range prowess and grappling ability makes him ideal for someone who suffers from defensive opponets. Plus Gord is just a chill dude.

Blake/Merkava, I absolutely love this dynamic, even if I struggle a bit with Blake's abilities. Merkava is an absolute monster tho and I love him.

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