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  • 18 weeks
    S8E25-26 - School Raze


    The Young Six and the Cutie Mark Crusaders stop an evil force from taking over the School of Friendship while the Mane Six try to escape Tartarus.

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  • 18 weeks
    S8E24 - Father Knows Beast


    Spike and the Mane Six provide shelter to an injured dragon. He claims to be Spike's father, but Smolder suspects there's more to him than meets the eye.

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  • 18 weeks
    S8E22 - What Lies Beneath


    The Young Six find a hidden passage underneath the School of Friendship.

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  • 18 weeks
    S8E21 - A Rockhoof and a Hard Place


    The Mane Six help Rockhoof fit in to modern-day Equestria.

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  • 22 weeks
    S8E20 - The Washouts


    Rainbow Dash fears Scootaloo's days as her number one fan is over when Scootaloo is obsessed with The Washouts, an expedition group of stunt ponies.

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  • 22 weeks
    S8E19 - On the Road to Friendship


    Trixie tries to convince Starlight Glimmer to go to Saddle Arabia with her and do a magic show there.

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  • 22 weeks
    S8E17 - The End in Friend


    Rainbow Dash and Rarity question their friendship when they cannot find anything they enjoy doing together.

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    Apologies for the upcoming dump but the episodes airing right now are a total mess!

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  • 23 weeks
    S8E16 - Friendship University


    Twilight is shocked to find out that Star Swirl the Bearded has enrolled at another school of friendship.

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    193 comments · 4,527 views
  • 23 weeks
    S8E15 - The Hearth's Warming Club


    A prank gone wrong ruins Hearth's Warming Eve preparations. When Twilight Sparkle tries to figure out which of her students is behind it, the students bond over shared memories of home.

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    Man it's hard to keep up with this weird episode scheduling.

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  • 24 weeks
    S8E14 - Matter of Principals


    Discord becomes jealous when Twilight Sparkle leaves Starlight Glimmer in charge of the School of Friendship instead of him.

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    343 comments · 6,604 views

Episode Discussion » S8E23 - Sounds of Silence · 11:52am Sep 9th, 2018


Applejack and Fluttershy encounter a group of Kirin who are scared to hurt each other's feelings.

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Comments ( 105 )

Honestly, this was the only truly good episode in this season's final stretch. Most of the others are fine, but this one was fantastic. Mostly because it presented a lesson that we as a community still struggle to learn. Arguments can be harmful, but the good that comes from them outweighs the harm that they initially cause.

>Only truly good episode

You didn't like the final two? I thought they were pretty great.

Also, to keep this post relevant to the episode at hand:

You can see my thoughts on those episodes on their respective pages.

Prepare yourselves. Kirin fanfics and OCs are coming.

4933780 PCs?

I had been anticipating this episode since I first learned about it. To be honest, knowing the song in advance spoils the whole episode and made me feel a bit underwhelmed, but it was still good fun nonetheless.

They still have a great design and love their magic. I'm waiting for the first story of Autumn Blaze Burns Down Ponyville. I don't do much comedy or I'd write it. Someone needs to get on that though.

Wow, an actual lesson? And a beautiful new set of characters as well? I really liked Autumn Blaze, she's like a toned down Pinkie.

Now this is a truly satisfying episode! Autumn is just so amusingly energetic that I couldn't stop watching!

Every single person on Twitter should be forced to watch this episode, twice

Why speak at all if it'll potentially cause harm? Why build technology if it can potentially be used for evil? This sort of mentality does more harm than good, at least in my experience. :ajsleepy:

While I don't like the idea of the map recycling a pair up it's already done, this episode was simply beautiful. Autumn Blaze was a riot, and the themes of balance and moderation are something I can really get behind. Also, world-building is always a plus in my book. :raritywink:

Autumn Blaze is best pony kirin.

Best song in a while. Autumn Blaze had a really great voice.

Somepony must have seen AJ's costume from 'scare master', and really liked the design.

Is anyone else getting flashbacks to the overarching premise of the Black★Rock Shooter anime series from the synopsis or is it just me?

My opinion on this e[isode:

1: Oh! Hey! Worldbuilding! :pinkiehappy:
2: A new race? Great. Now i have to add another race to the roster. Frickin' Japanese unicorns. :ajbemused:
3: Autumn Blaze is now my favourite not-(quite)-pony :raritywink:

Flanks don't lie. ^3^

I rolfled at the crazy old pony because he reminds me of my pervy old uncle.

I was actually expecting the Kirin to speak Japanese up until Autumn Blaze spoke English instead.

This is a really cool episode. Wish it was a bit longer though…

It's the attitude of the Hippocratic Oath: first, do no harm. As a philosophy, it's a very correct one.

Hello darkness my old friend...

This is in my mind the best episode in he season! The kirin are so adorable!

This was one of the best episodes in a while. And the silly head tilt they did was so adorable!

4933845 Who drew that artwork?
I want to see a fanfic about kirin Trixie now.

4933862 I wonder if a kirin will join the School of Friendship in season 9?

This episode made me wonder: if all of these friendship problems have been going on for years, why is the map only sending members of Team Protagonist to solve them now?

That, I feel, is a different context. This isn't about the kerin doing no harm; it's about them seeing a problem and adopting a solution that was way too extreme. It's like if people never explored space because they were too scared to set fire to rocket fuel. Sure, you never have to worry about dying in an explosion, but you also won't get to explore beyond our planet.

Considering all the people who have died in rocket explosions, and the limited benefits of specifically human space exploration (as opposed to robot probes), that analogy might not be as good a support for your point as you imagine.

Kirins, would that also mean that ...... and if so would that also mean that ...... if that is the case then it becomes confirm right?

That Kirin is so cute and inteligent. I like her song too. :twilightsmile:
Well, not really. Kirins are half horses half dragons, just like hippogriffs are half horses half birds and yet, they are seprate types of creatures, not like a mule.

This might be the best episode in all of Season 8. The kirin were adorable, the interactions between Applejack and Fluttershy were actually realistic (neither fighting with each other for the whole episode or working together perfectly for the whole episode), and the moral of the story was excellent.

Kirin are so amazing and adorable!

4934013 These kirin look like dragon-lion-deer to me.

Both TV Tropes and the MLP Wikia claim that kirin are a type of pony for some reason.

Autumn is heckin' adorable.

more then they already are!

Can we just say that there is a high possibility that its true?

Proof that head tilts and charades can be adorable. nuff said.

Kirin, or 麒麟, is a mystical creature that originated in Chinese legends.

More world building? Awesome.

Features Kirin, the mascot of my D&D character's monastery? Awesome.

Guest starring Rachel Bloom for a musical number? Extremely awesome.

And as much as I love the chorus to the song, that one part of me can't help but point out that, technically, in this setting rainbows are not dependent on the presence of rain. They are a spicy liquid manufactured in a weather factory and can be sucked up with a vacuum. Therefore the idiot falls completely flat. But also, who cares, that song was amazing.

I remember a few years ago, people in North Korea claimed to have found the remains of a Unicorn and Stephen Colbert or John Stewart pointed out that Asian Unicorns are a little different then what bronies were hoping for. Was that supposed to be a Kirin?

Those are early-season setting elements. The staff have been shedding them as quickly as possible since Season 5.

Underneath all the accouterments, sits the standard pony model. It's particularly evident in the shape of their muzzles.

What else can be said about this episode that hasn't already? It was amazing, easily the best of the season, and a good contender for top 10 episodes of the whole show.

1) AJ and Flutters are a great pair of virtues: mercy and truth, grace and justice, forgiveness and judgment, freedom and boundaries. (Essentially, Valjean and Javert.) It was interesting that Fluttershy, the "kindness" one, took the route of judgment, while Applejack, the "honesty" one, took the route of forgiveness...a bit of role reversal...but it was believable and not forced at all.
2) The old pony laughing for 16 seconds was hilarious.
3) Fluttershy standing up for herself against AJ brushing her off was a very much needed moment. You go, Flutters!
4) The Kirin designs were beautiful, impressively detailed, and so cute!
5) From her first word, Autumn Blaze's voice made my jaw drop, and I had a goofy grin on my face for her whole happy-rant intro. I love how she forgot some words.
6) I didn't see the leaked song before the episode, and my my, this is also a contender for top 10 or 20 songs. Nice melody (if somewhat basic), incredible vocals, powerful moral, deep-ish lyrics, hilarious references. What's not to love?
7) The episode's lesson could be seen as an allegory for pretty much any topic concerning banning/restricting something potentially dangerous for the harm it could do (and has done in some cases): guns, videogames, TSA, alcohol, drugs, etc. But even without making an allegory of it, the literal meaning of "anger is dangerous when not handled properly" is still powerful, and something counselors spend their lifetime teaching full grown adults.

I could find almost nothing wrong with this episode, and anything I might find is a nitpick at the most. I would even include this in a list of episodes to introduce someone to the show, it's that good.

Gah! I can't stop gushing about it!

This was a great episode as much I liked the Fluttershy and AppleJack paring (no not that way geez) I would liked if it was Pinkie episode, because the lesson was almost talor made for her. If this was a Fluttershy and Pinkie I would have loved it

So does this mean every "regular" pony race now has a variant? Pegasi have batponies, earth ponies have crystal ponies, and unicorns have kirin. Now we need alicorns to have a variant that combines all of those.

Okay, Autumn Blaze is undoubtedly the best character of this season, and I'm so glad the show introduced the kirin. They were all super adorable with or without their indifference, but Autumn stands above them.


Furry AND Scalie at the same time. Plus sexy singing voice.

Best of all possible worlds.

There are already a few of them out there. My favorite is The Witching Hour by Chaotic Ink. Glad to see kirin is finally a canon.


There was reference to a weather factory in episode 8x25. It's still a thing.

Ponies don't make weather outside of Equestria. It could be that Hippogriffs make weather, and when they became sea ponies Kludgetown turned into a desert. It could also be that Equestria is terraformed and needs maintenance because the climate is not natural to the land mass.

Well then, Looks like Monster Hunter fans just had their fanfic possibilities expand pretty big.

Not really, theye were claiming that it was another mithical beast, but from korean lore. Kirins are from chinese mythology.

I loved this episode! It's my newest favorite (though that might change in a couple hours after I watch episodes 24, 25, and 26). I loved the Kirin and the worldbuilding with a little of their history. Also the crazy train station pony was funny. I liked how AJ and Fluttershy helped each other in their own ways to solve this friendship quest. And most of all, I loved the new character Autumn Blaze! She's adorable and I kinda went a bit overboard promoting the new Autumn Blaze fan group after I watched this episode. Until I watch the last 3 episodes of the season and decide how I feel about them, this is definitely my favorite episode of season 8! :twilightsmile::yay:

Edit: Nope, still my favorite of the season, though the last 3 episodes were pretty good too. :pinkiehappy:


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