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Quiet Time · 9:18pm Sep 8th, 2018

prerequisite attention-grabber image

(I tried messaging this to just a few people I cared about, then realized that that pool has just grown too large over the years, and I hardly have all of you on my Discord.)

Anyway: It's hiatus time. Ending point--unknown. I want to focus on my life and career goals, which leaves less time for being as deep in pony fandom as I am.

I also wanna just... start writing my own stuff. My concepts and characters have outgrown the pool Hasbro has given us, and I feel it with each new story.

As usual, never say never, and I haven't forgotten about Blooming--but Fimfic is taking an extended trip to my hosts file as of this message. PMs and emails will still reach me if you have a highly pressing matter. They may or may not be answered based on personal motivation.

But otherwise: to all my readers, fans and friends, thank you and I love you.

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Comments ( 26 )


Keep in touch, and best of luck!

I cri

But seriously, good luck on your endeavors!

Good luck, Bookish! I wish you the very best in all your pursuits and look forward to seeing you next year at Everfree!

Wish you the best of luck Bookish, and don't forget to drop in every once in a while okay?

Best of luck. Hope to see you again.

See you very soon, Bookish. I hope that you come back someday and tell us of all the wonderful things you got up to on your travels...

Good luck out there, Bookish.

Good shit

I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing you again

Enjoy your break, however long it may be.

See you Space Bookish

We all love ya too, Book hoers. =P Take your time, but keep in touch if possible!

Why do all the people I admire disappear :raritydespair:
but seriously good luck it's important to follow your dreams

Best of luck, Bookish! We'll certainly miss you, but you've gotta take care of you. Plus it'll make your possible/eventual return all the sweeter. :raritywink:

Take care, hon! :heart:

Author Interviewer

Have fun. :D

I thought we had more time

Ah well. Go chase your dreams.

I've laughed, I've cried, and I've learned a few things along the way. Thanks for all of it. :heart:

Good luck, Bookster!

See you around, cowpoke! Good luck on your personal writing!

When you publish your first book, hit us up! We always figured in the past couple years you'd at least published a small novel of original fiction, on some scale, by now.

Best wishes, We'll be cheering for your success!

I'm not in that pool, I don't think, but I'll still miss seeing you around the site. Best of luck, and be sure to let us know where and when we can buy your published work! (I have no doubt it's going to happen.)

I won't say I'm too surprised; you already kinda told us 2018 was The End for you at least as regards the way you've been on this site for the last several years, and I basically figured something like the logic you outline for your hiatus here was at least part of the reason why. But just 'cuz I'm not surprised doesn't mean I'm not emotional about it (I am basically never not emotional about this stuff XD). Mind, just because I'm emotional about it doesn't mean I'm irrational about it either; there's no "This Will Last Forever" clause here, after all, and I feel pretty confident we'll stay in touch on a personal level regardless (though to make that easier, a reminder that I'm Gojira007#5237 if indeed you feel like linking up on Discord), so I know this isn't The Final Ending Forever or anything.
But it feels pretty significant to me even so. You've been far and away one of the best authors on this site in my humble opinion more or less since its inception; I still have yet to find anyone else on here who is quite as deftly able to understand the show's core meaning at its most profound while also using that knowledge to tell real, meaningful stories the show itself would all but surely never be able to. Beyond that, though, you're just a good damned writer with a strong understanding of how to build characters and how to structure stories around those characters that make said building feel its most powerful and meaningful; it's very much a kind of storytelling that appeals to me very strongly, the kind I most look for in all my stories fanfic or otherwise, so having someone who so consistently writes them has been a genuine pleasure and a real boon in troubled times.
Which is also why this is kind of happy news too! Even as I'll miss it being applied to "Pony" specifically (for the time being and acknowledging that "Blooming" will still be seen to its finish) I'm excited to hear you have thoughts about taking that talent and bringing it out into the wider world. I've been excited about that prospect for some time, in fact, so I wish you only the very best of luck there, and in all your other pursuits of Life And Career that you talk about here.
So yeah; sad and happy, un-surprised but very affected...this is definitely an announcement that's left me with a lot of Thoughts and Feelings to chew on. So I think the best way to cap it all off is with the work of another artist whose work has spoken to me as profoundly and personally as yours has, who just so happens to have written a song that I think captures my exact feelings here perfectly:

All the love in the world to you, and good luck Out There. ^_^

oh also i still intend to review "winning formula" because i want to do my part to help you end this the way it started: with me being late to the party basically every time XD ;3

Oh, and in case you see this, FanOfMostEverything #3274

Good luck with both your career and your original writing! We'll be here if you ever get the time and desire to come back. :twilightsmile:

Drat! I literally only just followed you last night. Just my luck 😅

You'll always be one of my favorite writers. Thanks for all the amazing stories! Good luck with everything. :heart:

Similar to others, I recently found your work. It's amazing, but I definitely understand your choice, whether your hiatus is temporary or permanent.
I hope your writing continues to grow as it has though your years on fimfiction and your imagination grows to the detail that your hand begs you to translate to paper!

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