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“Trixie hates to interrupt a good monologue,” said Trixie, interrupting a good monologue, “but maybe we should continue it somewhere not on fire?”

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And jossed! · 1:23pm Sep 8th, 2018

At least they waited until I'd finished the story before pulling the rug out.

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What do you mean what happened?

Spoilers for both The Fishbowl and MLP:FiM season 8 finale part 1: A depiction of Tartarus in general, and Tirek's accomodation in particular, that isn't at all compatible. Well, that's what the AU tag is for.

That was kind of lame compared to the one in the story. At least it had a nice door.

Hadn't we already seen this sort of Tartarus, though?

Hadn't they already done that in Twilight's Kingdom though? It shows The princess's being banished to Tartarus after Tirek sent them there when he found they were useless to him, derpicdn.net/img/2014/5/3/616753/full.jpg And then again at the end it showed Tirek re-imprisoned vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/mlp/images/2/2d/Tirek_imprisoned_S4E26.png

4933541 4933602
Sure, but that was really brief and easy to gloss over with the explanation that that's only what the tunnels look like, the rest of Tartarus doesn't have to look anything like that

TBH I like your cannon, it was a fun read, But then never been one for advocating must stick to the show

4933361 I kind of think of your version of Tartarus that maybe the minds of the prisoners are experiencing as their bodies sit in those cages. Of course, that kind of shared illusion would shut down if magic goes away, along with Cerbie's magical ability to talk.

Ah, thanks.

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