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It's Been A Long Time · 10:28am Sep 8th, 2018

Yesterday morning, I went and bought a game in a genre I haven't touched in twelve years.

That's right, I bought a superhero game.

In case it's not obvious from the high 80's aggregate scores, I picked up Spider-Man PS4 today at launch, my first Spidey game since Spider-Man 2 in 2004, and my first Marvel game since X-Men: The Official Game in 2006.

And holy shit, what a ride it's been so far. Usually I'm annoyed by the tedium of collect-a-thons in open world games (I will never, ever forgive you, orbs in Crackdown), but here it was more than bearable, because once you get the hang of it, web swinging around Manhattan is so. Damn. Fun. I'm not even six hours in, and I've already gotten all Backpacks and Landmark photos.

I am also loving the plot. Spidey has almost always been in a dead heat with Wolverine when it comes to my favorite superhero. I grew up with the Animated Series in the 90's, the very short-lived Spiderman Unlimited, the first two films in the Raimi trilogy, and their respective games. That being said; this game is, in a sense, a reboot. There are no connections to any of the comics, shows, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe (thank god).

This is Insomniac's first licensed game, and guys you have absolutely done it justice. Spiderman 2 stood unchallenged for 14 years, but this is now the standard by which future Spidey games will be judged.

I sincerely feel bad for any Spider-Man fan that does not own a PS4 right now.

That being said, I do have one question:

Is there some kind of taboo or licensing issue with One World Trade Center I'm not aware of? I know there aren't a whole lot of games that take place in NYC, but it was taken out of Modern Warfare 3, you can't see it in The Division, and in this game, it's been replaced with... Whatever this is. Am I missing something?

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Comments ( 5 )

It's New York City. There's always some kind of licensing issue to be had that normal people wouldn't have any clue about This is the same city that tried to restrict the amount of soda you could have in one cup.

Perhaps its meant to be this universe's version of a Memorial? Or both towers were fused into one in this universe and 9/11 never happened/and or it wasn't was destructive?

or the Marvel Cinematic Universe (thank god).

I take it you don't like that lastest live action version of the web slinger?

No, it's not that.

I've only seen two films in the MCU; Captain America 1 and Avengers 1. I know that it's over a dozen films long now, it's a juggernaut, and it's one of the things Disney is doing very, very right (James Gunn situation aside), where with Star Wars they're fucking up left and right.

I love the fact that this is a brand new take on Peter Parker, where you don't need to be familiar with the comics, the shows, or the MCU to be completely blown away by this game.

Maybe they didn't want to seem disrespectful to the victims of 9/11 so they decided to change the memorial? It's kind of like how the first Sam Raimi movie had a scene in the trailer of Spider-Man webbing up a helicopter between the twin towers, and after 9/11 that scene was cut and never used.

Also, I'm glad this isn't directly tied to the MCU, that's getting way too bloated and it's hard to keep track of everything. Plus, I don't think putting Spidey in it was the best idea, Spider Man has his own gallery of rouges and he has a lot of real world responsibilities to juggle. Not to mention, considering what he runs afoul of in a typical superhero session, I have a hard time believing Spidey would side with Iron Man and say the government should regulate super heroes, even considering he looks up to Tony Stark.

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