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I must be a zombie... · 2:58am Sep 8th, 2018

Because I came back from the dead.

It's been... damn, over two years since my last major anything on this site. Little catching up for anyone who cares.

I never left this site because I left the fandom in case you were wondering. Far from it. I became engrossed in a different writing project. If you haven't heard of a little comic called Rogue Diamond check it out! As well as other stuff around it like the rather new "Lustful Diamond" which I can't link to because of site rules but give it a google if you're over 18 and like lewd things.

Speaking of lewd things, a few months ago I also started writing for "The Nightmare Wars" and Art Blog series drawn by the very talented Jon Fawkes. Again, new site rules say I can't link the site, but either way check his DA and his Nightmare Wars tumblr, a new event in it just started Friday! So get on in that.

Anyways, enough about all that jazz, you want to know why I'm back now. Well after getting a TINY bit of writer's block (that lasted only 759 days) I found my muse again. A brilliant, life-changing tale spawned from binge reading the newest volume of Rat Queens (an image comic the entire world must read), to put a little spin on the damsel in distress. So I started writing...

You Don't want to be Rescued?

I am really excited about this story and super stoked to see it, at the moment, rocking the featured slot and netting almost a thousand views in 1 day, and over 100 green thumbs. I don't know if that's good nowadays but three years ago that was stellar for a story. It's all thanks to you guys, so... good job!

As for when Chapters can be expected... Well I thought of that. Back in my prime I would release chapters as they finished, which were within a few days sometimes. Now I'm in my mid-twenties and old as f#@$ (and working on two comics and commissions...) so I can't be so willy-dilly. Plus, that attitude led to my burnout and disappearing for over two bloody years. So now I will abide to a schedule. I will update this story on Fridays (not today, the 7th of September 2018 but the 14th) and every Friday in sort of 5 chapter "volumes". I will then take a week or two off, depending on my progress and current life commitments and then resume the Friday Schedule for another 5 chapters. I think this is fair, and it'll give everyone a little something to look forward to every week.

That's all I really have at the moment. It's nice being back, and it's so cool to see a lot of my OG fans still stuck around as well! :D You guys are part of the reason I came back! I hope you'll stick around!

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Comments ( 6 )

Well it is great to hear from you and to have you back. Also I LOVE Rat Queens so it is great to hear it inspired you. I would love for you to read a comic called Giant Days. I think you would love it and it would inspire you as well.

Honestly at firs.t..... I thought it'd be an arranged kidnapping. Like the two planned it and Spike was more normal pony sized. That being said this is also perfect.

Hell yeah! Your beauty and the beast story I soured me to start writing Spike romances years ago.

Jaja ok thank you for the new story

I've been following Rogue Diamond and Nightmare Wars for a while, I love their work <3

Good to have you back

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