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First Impressions: Spider-Man (PS4) · 2:29pm Sep 7th, 2018

TL;DR: Learning curve is a little steep but not unforgiving, definitely requires FAST reflexes, but ABSOLUTELY delivers the Total Spidey Experience.

So I just finished the opening act of Spider-Man (by which I mean I beat the Kingpin), and I'm taking a little break now to give my poor fingers and my overworked eyes a rest.

Man, this game is ABSOLUTELY everything they promised.

The controls are a bit overwhelming, and at the same time intuitive enough that with a little practice, you'll get used to it.

THE MOST IMPORTANT SURVIVAL TIP: When you see the Spidey-Sense, HIT THE FUCKING DODGE BUTTON LIKE CRAZY! Or if you're in an open area, Jump+R2 to swing up somewhere high so you can lose whatever's shooting at you long enough to catch your breath. (I hid on the ceiling during the Kingpin fight second phase a LOT; it doesn't stop the mooks shooting at you but at least it gets you out of range of Fisk until you can catch a breath.)

Webswinging is mostly a two-button thing. Combat is a bit more complicated--while you only have a few buttons to remember, context is important, and getting the hang of combos and timing takes work. Fighting as Spidey, you've got a set of basic actions that, used in tandem, produce the dynamic range of amazing spidey moves you'd expect:

X button jumps
O button dodges/rolls
Square button attacks (hold for air combo)
Triangle button is a "web attack", wherein Spidey grabs an enemy and pulls them in or moves toward them; hammering it repeatedly is a combo attack.
Pressing R1 rapidly webs up an enemy; L1+R1 if a webbable object is in range grabs it and swings it around like a hammer.

Those are the most basic combat moves; there are also movement moves and advanced combat moves I haven't really gotten to yet (or worked out).

The open world of NYC is amazing, and if you drop to street level, you'll hear a lot of fun chatter from the New Yorkers.

I'll be posting video of Spider-Man later today or over the weekend. For now, I'll just say that this game is awesome, and while the learning curve is a bit steep and it takes serious reflexes, I think this is THE definitive Spider-Man experience in video gaming.

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Neat, I was really excited about this game

Now I wish I had a PS4.


So it took cues from Arkham combat, basically? And also that bullets will absolutely melt the character if they take too many, as it should be?

It does and doesnt feel like arkham to me. In arkham you could almost get away with just punching everything, unless you had to cape stun or dodge. In spider-man you have to dodge constantly and you really have to pay attention to your surroundings alot more. Webs are also pretty essential for combat as you have to pay attention to your charges, though it does regen fairly quickly.

Just from that description alone, it sounds like the combat perfectly captures what Spidey is about. Batman can get away with going fist to fist and only moving as needed, but one of Spidey's biggest advantages over Batman is his sheer agility. Spidey is supposed to be constantly moving in a fight, using the environment to his advantage, webbing up foes to buy himself precious seconds. That's part of what makes him such an annoying opponent to go up against, is the difficulty of pinning him down.

Oh I wish I had a PS4 just to play that game...

Your certainly right it fits spidey to a tee. Getting used to it takes time though. Spiderman 2 still has the best swining mechanic ever but this ones pretty fun as well.

I always thought the Shattered Dimensions web-swinging was one of the better ones. At least in the Wii version. Just hold the Z-button down, move in a direction, and press A at the end of a swing to jump into the next one. Sure, the camera messed with it a few times, but it wasn't bad.

The webswinigng is always the 'make or break' question for me: does it feel good? Does he feel like he has weight and velocity? That's something you can't tell from gameplay footage. Web of Shadows wasn't perfect, but sometimes I'd put it on just to swing around collecting tokens, and that'd be my whole game session. It's really important.

I have seen several reviews for the game and all of them are good. They say this game is like for Spidey what the Arkham series is for Batman.

That's pretty much exactly what the combat is like in this game. It's a pain in the ass to get used to and you will die A LOT unless you're way better at games than I am, but once you get a rhythm going there's a real Spidey feel to it.

I could spend hours JUST swinging around the city in this game. I love that part of it the most so far.

You can feel the weight to me. You constantly get to see where your web lines are going to go. So if you hit the corner of a building you know you can pull a pretty easy 90 degree turn. I still miss things like the sling shot manuver and it take a bit more rhythm to get really moving but it feels nice.

I dunno. The demo I saw sure showed him spending an awful lot of time killing mooks....

TFW an overly hyped game delivers on its own hype :twilightsmile:

I played the game last night and yes, if you go in like the Batman games you’ll fail. One tip is to not only keep yourself moving but keep the enemies moving as well. Knock them into the air and move them around the battlefield as you web others.
A good fight in this game will have you at least half the time off the ground.

I'm hoping to pick up my copy tomorrow. SO cannot wait to play it! :pinkiehappy:

Okay. So I ran out earlier today, picked up my copy and played the first little bit. It is really good. Tricky to be sure, and I had the camera glitch out and lock me in the corner once, but that was just the tutorial inside. Combat's better out in the open city.
HOWEVER. Two little things about game element integration are bugging me. I mean, collectible tokens around town, fine. But I'm supposed to believe that Peter bought, stashed and lost track of like a thousand backpacks with trackers in them? Geez, Peter, I can tell you why you're having trouble paying rent! Why couldn't they have said it was something a little more reasonable? Or, building a brand-new webshooter upgrade in the field, away from his laboratory, perched on a building top with no equipment or materials? Integrate the weapon upgrades into the story a little better than that.

Or, don't integrate them into the story at all; what was wrong with calling the skill tree a 'skill tree', or having the collectables just be floating Spidey symbols? I don't mind coming up with story reasons why these expected pieces of gameplay design are happening, I mind when the attempt at making the world more believable actually makes it less so because it doesn't make quite enough sense. I'll buy that a kid can be bitten by a spider and develop super powers, but believing that he bought, chipped and then lost several hundred backpacks is just too dang far.

Gotta agree with you so far, promising start to the story with fluid controls and challenging but not punishing combat. And it captures that Spidey humor very well, plus there's some fun little winks to other Spider media.

The back pack thing isnt too unbelievable. I just took it as they've been lost over the years. They really aren't all thet hard to get, i just with the suit you get did somthing interesting.

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