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State Of The Patreon: How This Actually Works (for regulars & potential newbies), Sponsor Box Re-Check In, And Recent Near-Coronary Aftermath. (Plus That Thing Which Happened In July.) · 8:32pm Sep 6th, 2018

First, just to get it out the way: The Mandatory Link To My Patreon Page. Done. Second on up...

How This Actually Works

If you look at my Patreon page, it says I put up post charges -- actually ask for a pledge collection -- per 'story/update'. And if you were considering sponsoring me and saw that, you may have run for your life. 'Someone's going to put up a 200-word chapter and ask for the full pledge amount? No thank you!' You have the right to make that guess, because I haven't openly defined how it truly works. And even some of the long-timers may be in the dark as to how I regard it.

So... for those currently pledging, anyone who might consider it, the ones who'll never think about it and those who are still running for their very lives -- here's how this actually works in practice.

* A 'story' is typically a one-shot. (However, new ongoing stories can be launched this way.) I don't charge unless its length is, at the minimum, roughly around 5,000 words. Basically, if I don't give you that number as a rough minimum, I don't feel like I've put in the work. This is why my occasional short efforts like Dateline, Toyline are freebies.

* If I elect to post something longer than 5k in a single effort, that's usually still one charge. See Soul Survivor and A Series Of Egotistical Events, both of which were multi-chapter, single-charge works at 33k and 19k, respectively. A single-chapter 12k one-shot like Enduriance? That was also one charge.

* A new ongoing story will usually have multiple charges, but I can't predict how many. Sometimes two chapters go up at once with a single charge. Sometimes I do something like Your Alicorn Is In Another Castle and say it's only one charge for the entire story, no matter how long it runs.

The general rule is that if I have to come back to a story weeks/months later to keep it going, there will be multiple charges -- if those updates meet their own requirement. (See below.) But if I can knock out a moderately-long work over a single stretch, it might be one. This, honestly, is the chanciest part of the process. Sometimes the flow emerges in a single stream, and at others, it's fits and starts. I haven't really nailed this one down myself yet. I just try to feel like I'm providing some level of value per pledge.


* An 'update' (new chapter(s)) to an ongoing story must also be around 5,000 words (or more) to justify a charge. (Again, if I don't do at least that much, I don't feel like I've done enough to justify asking to collect.) So you'll see 6k chapters on Triptych which are one post charge, and you'll see a 17k monster chapter which is also one post charge.

* New stories placed in an Anthology collection (such as The Elements Of Elements) must also be at least 5k for a post charge to occur. So for World's Shortest Crossovers, the only way you're going to see a post charge is if I put up 5k worth of them at once.

* I try to max out at five post charges per month. Part of this is writing time, a little is creativity drain/exhaustion, and some of it is fear. When it comes to sponsored fanfic writing, I'm... one of the lucky ones, at least for this site. I don't want to abuse the privilege. Part of me is convinced that if I ever go to six, there's going to be an exodus...

* No writing, no money. It's per piece, not per month. If I have a slow period or wind up emotionally shutting down for a while -- August of last year -- nothing happens.

* As per Patreon's own rules, a sponsor can 'cap' how much they pledge per month. So if, just for example, you wanted to come in at the $3 level with a maximum of $6 monthly, you could limit your account to two post charge pledges per billing cycle, no matter how much I posted during that time. I could go to six -- and discover everyone had capped at five.

* I collect roughly 92% (estimated) of successfully-collected pledges. Patreon has their 'keep their own lights on' fee, and PayPal takes a transfer cut.

* YOU COME FIRST. Not me. YOU. Sponsoring me is pretty much the definition of 'disposable income'. If anything happens in your life which means cutting back on or eliminating your pledge, you come first. But with that said...

* Patreon's Notification light is directly hooked up to a creator's limbic system. When I see a change without an explanation behind it... well, when I get a new sponsor, I'm happy. I wonder what I did right. And when someone's pledge drops, or they leave entirely... I wonder what I did wrong.

For a fanfic writer, I have what may be a surprising number of sponsors: it certainly surprises me, but I haven't taken a full survey of the field. But I'm not a YouTuber, or a composer, or an artist. I'm not someone with hundreds to thousands of people behind me, to where gaining three people in a day or losing six is just... routine. New sponsors are emotional boosts. Lost ones are gut punches. There's nothing I can do about either reaction. It's just the way the wiring works.

Short-form: if you're making a change for personal reasons, it helps if you tell me. And remember, you come first.

* I'm not in a good position to offer truly high-end rewards. Not that anyone's really asked (or may want to pledge that much), but... commissions still terrify me. I don't think I can give someone a personal short story. Masterweaver allows people to choose which story will be updated next, but... *sigh* Basically, I'm at a loss for ideas on this one, and am willing to listen to yours.

* I can't do sponsor-only stories. This isn't just FIMFic's own rules, it's unfair to the rest of the readership. I have a 'verse, and there are puzzle pieces to its mysteries all over the place. Hiding a crucial corner behind a paywall -- no.

* For those who just want to leave a tip, there's always the Ko-Fi page. However, that does have a higher minimum amount. Patreon will take pledges at one dollar, but a Ko-Fi tip has to be either $3 or divisible by three dollars.

* I am thankful for all of you. I know that in some ways, I'm among the lucky ones. And it's an honor I have to earn anew every month, because luck runs out.

Sponsor Box Re-Check-In

Basically, I have to update the sponsor box on my userpage, and doing so is overdue. However -- it's the same problem as the first time. A lot of you are on Patreon under your real names: I can't put those into the box, and I can't always link them to FIMFic user names. Some people only want to be known by their initials. Others don't even want their FIMFic IDs posted: privacy reasons -- and you have the right to your privacy. And some people have left.

So if you're sponsoring me and you want to be listed in the sponsor box, tell me so. If you want your name removed, same. (This can be done on the blog post thread or in PM -- and I'll need at least your initials to confirm you.) Also tell me how you want to be identified: FIMFIC ID, initials, or nothing at all.

The Recent Near-Coronary

I try not to look at my page while Patreon is collecting pledges. This is because something in the code (which Patreon finally admitted to in an Email blast) bounces both sponsor and pledge totals around until the process is complete. Declined pledges -- those which encounter bank issues -- are deleted from the count until they come through. And there's been a few declined pledges lately, starting from the August collection. This is not due to sponsor fault. Patron recently changed their billing address. As in 'new country'. A number of banks and credit cards looked at the change and had their billing code automatically declare fraud in progress. Currently, I have two pledges outstanding from last month, and I've advised both people to just wait and see if it goes through in a week or two.

But even knowing that the numbers are just randomly changing, and only a Notification light means something real has happened... there are automatic reactions. I once peeked at a moment when the twisting had falsely cost me 25% of my pledge total and had to lie down for a while.

So I waited until Saturday evening before checking the state of the collection. The pledge & sponsor totals were bouncing around as usual. Two people had seen charges declined. And Patreon had locked down my account for suspicious activity.

I did not die on the spot. I'm also not sure I missed it by much. And the insomnia cycle started right there...

Understand: I received no advance notice of this. I checked my Email, I checked for messages... nothing. In fact, the notice I did receive was only in one place: the pledge collection page. And that only told me two things: 'suspicious activity' and that I could continue to do everything normally on the site -- with one exception. I could write, gain and lose sponsors, make post charges, and collect pledges. What I could not do was transfer money out. Not until the account was unlocked. No word on how long that could potentially take.

And 'suspicious activity' had not been defined.

I, put charitably, freaked.

I went on a low-level rampage around the FAQ. I still couldn't find out what 'suspicious activity' meant. Had someone tried to hack my account? Had I done something which had been defined as suspicious? As with the previous month's address change leading to bounced pledges, a check of Twitter showed I wasn't going through this alone. And I needed a help ticket number, so I dug through the site until I found the formal contact form and used that.

I... thought I was going to lose the account.

I know this can't last forever. I've known that from the start. The show has a lifespan. The fandom will go on for some time beyond that, but... eventually, it'll be switch or die. And if I switch, some people won't follow. So on a deep level, I've always recognized this would slip away eventually.

But it was too early. And... not like this. Not when I didn't even know what was going on...

The rest of Saturday passed. No word.
So did all of Sunday. No sleep.
Monday morning found me with one new sponsor. Hi! Glad to have you! I don't know if we'll ever have the chance to talk because it still feels like there's a good chance I'm gone, but hi!
The response -- and unlock -- arrived Monday afternoon.

So. My account is okay. (This does not prevent future issues.) I transferred out what had been collected, with what might have been indecent haste. And I did get an answer from Patreon, in fairly short order. I'm both thankful and grateful for that. (The insomnia cycle continues.) The lockdown wasn't due to anything I did. No one had tried to hack me.

The suspicious activity... was the new pledge.

They had locked down my account to verify that my latest sponsor (also pledging to two other people: one writer and Knighty for the site itself) was legitimate.

I'm... not sure how a new pledge counts as suspicious activity. Maybe the credit card company freaked and asked for a hold. I can safely say that at least for me, I don't think the amount would have been a trigger.

And now I'm wondering if Knighty went through the same thing...

(To the new sponsor, if you're reading this: this wasn't your fault. I don't blame you in any way. Sometimes a site's coding just goes off for no real reason at all...)

Where Does The Money Go?

Electric and gas bills. Food. Fuel. Car maintenance and repairs. The washer saga. And -- let's be honest with each other -- I put a little on Amazon when I can, boosting what I gain from taking surveys, so a portion turns into books and movies. Some is saved in the bank, trying to reach a goal -- or, more realistically, waiting for the next disaster. I try to buy myself one treat a month in order to gain a positive emotional boost.

I'm not rich. I'm not comfortable. I could keep going down the scale from there. Some of my work is seasonal: the winter is always a thin time for me. I lost a lot of earning chances when my car was down for an extended count. Patreon money was most of what kept me going then. I just didn't say anything because... it wasn't bad enough to say anything yet. If it's a true nightmare, I'll tell everyone. This was just the usual aggravation.

The Ko-Fi page goal currently says 'iPad Pro.' (It's 1% of the way there.) That's mostly a joke -- well, it's a joke in that I don't expect to ever reach the goal. But I can't keep nursing the old Kindle along forever. Amazon is starting to announce the 2018 models, and still no 4G compatibility. I'm going to need a new tablet. And because I can't afford a smartphone, that tablet needs to get on the network. So that's the current savings target -- but realistically, it's 'eventually, my car is going down.' Which means that when it happens --- well, that goal may be even more unrealistic.

I recently started working on filling a physical coin jar. I do this every so often, putting all my change aside for a single goal -- and that metal doesn't get touched until things reach nightmare level. I have eleven months left to fill this jar. Something will happen between now and then: cumulative odds. But if it somehow doesn't... maybe we'll talk more about that when it gets closer.

(Some people are probably already doing the calendar math.)

Where does the money go?

This is what happened in July. I meant to tell people in August, but...


What Happened In July

I'm just going to bullet-point this. It'll keep the screaming down.

* Had a free day, and a beautiful one for weather, at least early on. There's a little historical town about thirty miles away, one I've never gotten to explore. I thought a day of just wandering around it on foot would be a fine way to calm my mind. Relax. Just... look around, enjoy the scenery, and have fun. Expenses are gas, tolls, and a little bit for food. Minimal and relatively easy.

* Oh, what a lovely day this was. I'm glad I finally went there.

* Okay, time to go home. Let's get on the highway.

* What was that sound?

* That was a tire blowing out. Mine. Driver's side front.

* ...don't panic. I have some momentum and as luck would have it, there's no real shoulder -- but I'm less than a mile from an exit. (Still nearly thirty miles from home.) Get the hazard lights on.

* Limping up the ramp. Oh dear sweet pony gawds, what is this doing to the rim? How far do I have to go before I reach safety? Will I need to replace a rim and axle when this is over?

* Hotel and parking lot. (It's been less than a mile since the blowout.) I manage to glide into a parking spot (absolute back, maybe an eighth of a mile away from the actual hotel -- it's a huge lot) , then kill the engine.

* Get out and survey the damage. I can't tell what's happened to the rim, because what's left of the tire is still around it. But the tire itself... it's shredded, almost in a spiral pattern. Little bits of metal are sticking out everywhere from the rubber: internal structure broken. A fine black powder is spilling out of the rents. This tire is gone, and I can't afford new ones for a few months. Luckily, I know of a good slightly-used tire place. (The blowout is not one which they had sold me.) The tire can be short-term replaced. But right now, I have to see the rim. And also -- I have a spare. Not a donut: a full-sized spare. It's been sitting in the vehicle for a couple of years. I'm willing to change my own tire.

* Jack. Lug wrench. Brace...

* ...nothing happens.

* Nothing continues to happen.

* The last time I went to the tire place, they used a power tool to rivet the bolts on. I can't break the seal. I've been trying for fifteen minutes. All I'm doing is hurting myself.

* All right. I have AAA road assistance. In fact, I have it at the Plus level, and that's a financial punch every year -- but not as bad as you might think, because I share the plan with someone else and so only pay part of that bill. And I need a hundred-mile towing range. I don't have most of the breakdowns within ten miles of home. And I know for a fact that I have tows left, so it's time to call. I'll ask for help changing the tire, given by a flatbed driver because if the rim is gone, that's what will take me home. Time to call.

* Busy day. I'm on hold for a while, long enough to go into the hotel and get cross-street names et. all, which AAA will need to know. Punch all the numbers into my non-smart cell, and finally get an operator.

* "Your membership was cancelled two months ago. We can't help you."

* ...what?

* Okay. Go through this slowly. It turns out that when the last renewal was made, my name was left off the form. So I'm no longer an active AAA member. I can start a membership now -- or I could if I had a credit card on me. I don't. (Also, emergency startup surcharge.) I don't have the cash on me for a tow: that's several hundred dollars. I can get home via bus and train, but by the time I do so, my car will have been targeted as abandoned and impounded. That's also several hundred dollars. AAA can't help me because I'm not a member, and I can't spend my way out of this.

* ...this was a lovely day. And now there's storm clouds moving in. Dark ones. Thunderstorms incoming. Drenchpours.

* I go into the hotel and explain my exact situation. The staff offers me free, cold lemon water while I start making phone calls. I'm grateful.

* Reach someone. Explain. Borderline beg.

* Fifty minutes later, a friend with an active AAA membership pulls into the parking lot, then makes the call for me. AAA, which is no longer in the mood to argue, sends out the truck.

* The driver arrives an hour later and takes the information from my friend before checking the car. (This can be done occasionally. A lot of tow drivers just care that AAA is paying them on a legitimate call and they have a membership number to reference on the bill: that the caller wasn't the driver isn't always a factor. So I lucked out there.) It takes a tool called a breaking bar to get the tire off, and the rim is -- intact. Somehow, I got through this with no rim or axle damage. It turns out my spare needs air after so much time unused, but it'll get me home. I don't need the tow. (However, the driver agrees that I wasn't getting the tire off without the bar.)

* I give my friend some money: paying for her gas and tolls. Many thanks are passed along, and she goes home. I have to stay in the area for a while, with the sky still darkening, as the tire is changed. Thank the driver and tip him for his trouble. Go back into the hotel, thank them for their hospitality. Get something to eat, because the stress has burned too many calories and I have driving ahead of me. Back on the highway.

* ...and here's the storm. The entire highway winds up going at 15 mph for a while: it's just that heavy. The radio is reporting localized flooding -- but after ten minutes of drenchpour, the rain stops.

* Last toll approaching. I am a mile and a half from my exit, and it turns into 1.4 just before traffic completely stops.

* Completely. Stops.

* ...okay, we're moving. All six lanes of us. Sort of. We are moving at -- I wait for a tenth-mile marker, then start timing -- ohmigawds, it just took eleven minutes to go one-tenth of a mile. I can walk faster than this. I could possibly crawl faster than this. If the shoulder was available, I might have the option to pull a Sweetie and butt-scoot faster than this. What's going on?

* According to the radio, there's flooding on the road, roughly five miles ahead, beneath an overpass. It's knocked out all but one lane, and that one is just barely operating. I can't get off the road: the next exit is mine. I can't reach another road: same reason. I can see other roads, because I'm climbing a bridge, and they're all frozen: overflow traffic from the main problem. I can't abandon the vehicle...

* I am "moving" at less than one mile per hour. I am now starting to worry about gas. I can't let the engine idle while waiting to shift forward. I can't run the AC, because I have none. (Yeah, that's another current issue...) I can't roll down the windows for long because it's starting to rain again. I can just about see my building and I can't get there. Also, I have an automatic transmission, so at least I'm not shifting gears constantly -- but if the person in front of me, constantly moving around the gear box on a bridge, slips backwards...

* There's a dog looking out his car's window, one lane over. We talk for a while. He's very sympathetic about my day.

* My legs are cramping. I have lost contact with the buttocks. And I would scream, but... what's the point? Screaming won't fix this. It won't make traffic start moving again. And the funny thing is that no one is screaming or honking or yelling, no one at all. This is no one's fault and so no blame is being expressed. All we can do is... wait.

* It takes eighty-nine minutes to cross the bridge and at the end of it, I don't murder anyone. Let's call that a win.

* Next day. Get up early. Tire place. Oh, sorry about the power tool thing. Anyway, yeah, we can replace that tire. Except that you need two tires, because this other one is about to go. See the wear? Oh, good. Now, see the bill?

* AAA customer center. They don't know how I was left off the renewal form. (I couldn't get in contact with that person before this and when I finally did, they claimed not to know how it happened either.) They can't fix it. I have two options: wait for the next renewal and go in then -- no, it's not a short wait -- or sign up right now, as a AAA Plus member by myself, and receive immediate coverage. Also, no emergency surcharge because I'm in the customer service center and signing up normally. So how about it?

* Two slightly-used tires: $85. AAA Plus, one year: about $115.

And that's where the money goes.

If someone new pledges to me because of this blog and I get another two-day lockdown, that's okay. At least I'll know what's going on.

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Comments ( 20 )

Ouch. Sorry to hear all that.


The last time I went to the tire place, they used a power tool to rivet the bolts on. I can't break the seal. I've been trying for fifteen minutes. All I'm doing is hurting myself.

Stupid tyre changers and their stupid impact wrenches.
"Tighten the bolt to X torque"
"lol no, impact wrench time!"

Reese #2 · Sep 6th, 2018 · · 1 ·

...Yikes. Sorry, Estee. You sure do live an interesting life, but it's a pity it often seems to be in the curse sense.

iPad Pro 2016 was my first apple product. I always loathed the closed ecosystem they have but it is quite nice. I even got the Apple pen, back thinking I'd foolishly would have time and energy to draw.

Needless to say, it's a wonderful device and easy on the eyes with its truetone automatic change in lighting. The 9.7" model is nice. But for reading apps on iOS, outside of Kindle app, well I have to say they're all pretty atrocious.

Plenty of third party apps however I've found have helped with making a less closed off environment but still lacks in features for quality of life android allows. Given your expenses and similar sounding levels of karmic happenstance, I'd say hold off longer on the small buys and save a bit more. Every takeout or frivolous buy just nets you further away from your goals.

My friend gave me $500 towards the ipad for my birthday. Reminds me I got that coming this week again... yay for another "congratulations on surviving another year" holiday.

But yeah, the base model with wifi is affordable but I went with my mobile carrier one though for the 4g addition. Dumb move on my part given I already had a phone, but emergencies did pop their ugly heads so I was happy I went with the 4g version back when I did.

Heh, live within one's budget and such.

I wonder how many patreons know about the caps. Is the monthly pledge on per person or total across all persons you pledge? I haven't pledged since KP-Squirrel years ago.


I wonder how many patreons know about the caps. Is the monthly pledge on per person or total across all persons you pledge?

To my knowledge, it's per individual being pledged. So someone could set a cap of three charges on a single creator, one pledge on another, and so on down the line.

I have three major reasons for going for the Pro.

1. Network compatibility. (This is the biggest one.) I can also choose my own network at need, paying a one-day emergency hookup fee to whoever's in the area.
2. Memory and processing power.
3. The anti-glare screen coating. It'll be nice to have a tablet I can reliably use outside.

What I won't be getting is the Pen. I'm not an artist. There are those for whom the ability to micromanage pressure is a gift, especially when drawing, and I appreciate how it would be good for you -- but all I need is a basic six-pack of styluses. As for the keyboard... it's under debate. I have one for the Kindle, but I hardly ever use it. I just never became comfortable with its surface: issues with compressed area and the total lack of elevation slant.

(I'll have to pick up a new carrying case, too. The Kindle's has been superglued. Several times.)

And yes, if it's available, I will be paying extra for an extended full replacement warranty. I am the world's greatest authority on my own luck...

Please remember that if you go to a budget chain for tires the person doing the job is being paid minimum wage and is being timed. If it takes too long they can be fired. I realize that doesn't help with "and now I need a breaker bar to remove my wheel" but odds are it's not being done because the person is lazy or malicious.


My first iPad was a 3rd generation. The biggest mistake I made was getting the wi-fi only model. Upgrading to a Pro with 4g was the best move I made. Over here data only plans are getting cheaper and cheaper every day.

Good luck with the saving plans.

I've got my pledge set to a monthly cap of one, and then that one charge cranked all the way up, so you always get the maximum I can give, no matter how much you write :heart:

...considering your luck, you seem to need it :twilightoops:

I have seen this even from the reputable chains.
But I don't blame the ones being forced to do it; their bosses on the other hand...

Hotel and parking lot. (It's been less than a mile since the blowout.) I manage to glide into a parking spot (absolute back, maybe an eighth of a mile away from the actual hotel -—

You are an unreasonably nice person. I would have run someone over by that point.

EDIT: That's not counting the bit about traffic. I hadn't gotten that far yet.

Anyways, if you need to relax a little I recently got into Thunderbirds. It seems like something you'd like. Unless you're prime you'll need to pay money to see the newest one (and assuming the stars align I highly recommend it) but the original 60's episodes were made available for free on youtube by the distributor.

It worth remembering that it was made in the 60's. The pacing is also— well, slow is kind.

I recall a while back that I said Estee's misfortunes seem less like bad luck and more the result of being surrounded by idiots.

Barring the flooding which stopped traffic, I stand by that. The tire changer who used the power tool and whoever mismanaged the AAA renewal are the ones mostly responsible for that awful day.

Well, if you're going to get warranty make sure it's only through Apple's. Phone carriers will force you to go through them regardless so you'll be losing money. I had 1 year warranty, my ipad pro got screwed up due to an update (as Apple's famouse for) causing flickers and flashing home screen and battery symbol to go on and off in rapid succession. Happened just two weeks after warranty expired.

Not to mention one drawback to the screen is how it has this after burn effect after awhile where you can clearly see greens in black and blues in whites. But I'm happy to say that it's become a lot less glaring over time despite it still having that one side where you have this sort of blotch of blueish and greenish mess whenever in a white or black enough page or playing any vibrant 2D game.

And yes, I regret the Apple Pen, but it was my birthday and I was still pretty excited about getting my first Apple tablet to play my favorite game on no less, which works with the apple pen amazingly well btw, but yeah. Do not get the latest lower tier version of the ipad. Make sure it's the proper iPad Pro 10" and up. Storage space isn't that big a deal, you can get an attachment like a cloud based external harddrive or connector to plug in a micro sd.

But yeah, super smooth. Long lasting battery life, about all day long just browsing, 6-7 hours gaming, and took it out plenty of times to the park and traveling around to the malls and stuff and the true tone makes me never want to try an android tablet. I can even play small games from steam on my ipad through Moon's app, that last one depends heavily on how good your internet is though. So it's quite good. Transfering stuff from my PC to ipad pro without itunes is a snap.

And okay, that patreon thing sounds nice. Good to have more control over how much and how often you can pledge. Though feels a bit unfair if the pledge is for one type of fic and you get charged extra for a story you don't read. But other that which would be cool if they added subscription pledges to specific things and better gauge interests, but that's pretty cool.

2 years now and my tablet is going strong. Also, my case from Amazon was super affordable and came with a blutooth magnetic keyboard. It's not back for 15 bucks. I almost never use the keyboard. But it's nice to have sometimes when I need to type up stuff faster. xD

Best of luck.

Yup. It's truly a must have, shame the price on the tablet jumps so high for that extra addition.

Ouch, I'm getting residual stress just reading this blog. It really sucks that you had to go through all that strife, Estee. I'm glad you got out of it in more or less one piece though.

I finally commented on my requested blog btw. Not trying to make you reply to it, but in case you didn't get any notification for it I wanted to just let you know.

If you want something to use as a really high end pledge reward . . . maybe you can find someone who can make plushy versions of her you can send? They can even pick which form she is currently in.

As one of the people giving you money I still say you don't charge enough. But, in the end you have to go with what you feel is right.

I'm going by my bank for unrelated reasons tomorrow, maybe they can clear up this Patreon stuff. I got an e-mail about the possible fraud and I said that it wasn't fraud, but things still got declined. All of my pledges did. I switched over to a new card right before this too, so that might be part of the problem. Hopefully after I talk with my bank this week's stuff will go through soon.

I know how hard it is for you to ask for (and accept) help or gifts and the like but depending on where you live (I also know you value your privacy) I may be able to help with the vehicle situation. I've got an old Buick I've been thinking of replacing and depending on how much of a hassle it would be to get to you I'd sell it to you cheep. But I don't know about selling things across states and all of the legal hassle that would need to be done for that. And that's not considering transport so. Eigh, maybe drop me a message if you're even interested and we could see if it'd be worth it. Because you'd also need to consider your insurance and all that and it's just so much stuff to keep in mind.

* Busy day. I'm on hold for a while, long enough to go into the hotel and get cross-street names et. all, which AAA will need to know. Punch all the numbers into my non-smart cell, and finally get an operator.

"Your call is important to us. Not important enough to have someone actually answer the -ING phone, but important enough to put you on hold & play muzak at you." :twilightoops:

Maybe you are cursed.

I'd help if I knew how to do anything (or wasn't too afraid to ask).

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