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Random Ramblings CCCXII · 12:45am Sep 6th, 2018

I'm sorry for writing two posts within a day, but I had to tell y'all about this one. First, Tom & Elis: "March Waters"

This is one of my favourite Jobim songs and I'd not heard this version before. Shame Ms Regina died so young (just 36).

Earlier this afternoon, I drew a quick org chart detailing the various continuities of my Equestria Girls stories. I regret I don't have a scanner to show you. Besides, I'd have to blur out the entire left side of the page to avoid spoilering stories I've yet to show you or, in some cases, have yet to write (though everything is outlined). The Burritoverse is drawn in diagonally to symbolize how parts of it connect with everything.

So as I was fixing supper tonight, the thought occurred to me -- "What if I wrote a Burritoverse story from Orangeglow's point of view? Where we get to see what was going through his mind in the moments leading up to his death via Aria making him so angry he literally blows a gasket and his brain melts."

As much as I despise the man Orangeglow is based on, this would NOT be a comedy.

I realized EQG Orangeglow is significantly smarter than his real-life counterpart, to say nothing of his still-alive Pony version who constantly drives Princess Celestia up the wall (and to drink). He's still a short-tempered bigot though.

Aria wasn't really listening to what Orangeglow was saying. Turns out most of his paranoid ramblings (unlike the real thing's) are true.

I can use him, and the information given to him by a certain someone to world-build in a way Sunset herself can't yet. She's gonna have to figure all of this out on her own, and I'm not going to make it pleasant for her.

Do you think that's a good idea? Or should I focus on other priorities first? I'm not going to have OG spill everything, just little bits that sound insane. I'd love to hear your opinion.

Anyway, I just ate most of a pizza and am about to pass out from the Itis. Or I may go to the gym later and work some of it off.

Peace out!

Comments ( 8 )

So would it be titled something like, “Orangeglow Makes A Burrito Great Again?” :pinkiecrazy:

Alternatively, you could add Orangeglow’s perspective as a bonus/additional chapter of Aria’s story. It’d be a way of putting it out there for the faithful without going full-standalone-story with it.

Orangeglow as the crazy prophet standing on the street corner is ok by me.

Actually, I think it would be called Orangeglow Loses A Burrito. Your name is great and fitting, but sadly it doesn't jive with the convention already set up by all the other Burritoverse stories. BUT, if I don't do the story as a standalone, then I don't have to worry about convention.

"Aria" didn't get too many readers. If I tacked the flipped-POV onto it, would anyone even notice?

Maybe it's better they don't. Then I can say, "No, I actually already revealed that here [link to story]. You just never noticed." Fits my habit of dropping hints early for a payoff way down the road. :trollestia:

I see potential merit either way. The upside of a standalone is that it could garner more attention. The upside of an extra chapter is that it keeps the flipped perspective physically closer to the original perspective. The downside of either is potential lack of attention/clicks/ views.

Having typed that out, I think it might argue more for the standalone...


The upside of an extra chapter is that it keeps the flipped perspective physically closer to the original perspective.

See, if I had done this in 2015 with Sunset's and Sonata's Burrito stories, which literally are two sides of the same coin, then we wouldn't be in this mess, and I could have written the entire Burritoverse as a single anthology. But I was stupid and didn't do that.

Another argument for standalone is the vastly different tone I expect this story to have. I can't imagine Orangeglow having any sort of internal monologue. That's just not how he is.

Heh. "Crazy Street Prophet". I think EQG Orangeglow may in fact be so stupid he flips around to having extremely astute observations despite himself. I'm looking forward to seeing him as a proper character and not just a cipher… for all of like five minutes before he dies (again).

By writing about him at all, I'm guaranteed to piss people off. Last story I wrote about his pony equivalent is the closest I've ever come to majority downvotes on a story, I think because I nailed his personality too well.

World building is always good. And seeing Orangeglow's perspective could be fun. If the idea entertains you, just do it. BUT if its simply a distraction from other more important universe elements, then ignore it and work on other things.

If you do end up doing it, make it a separate story.

That's honestly a tough thing to answer. Whether it's a distraction may be in the eyes of the readers. IIRC, you've been reading my work long enough to know I don't usually give out world details unless I feel they're important immediately or down the line.

Still, my time would probably be better spent editing the fic I first published one chapter of nearly three years ago but took down early this year to finish it -- that fic ties directly into the first story I ever put up on this site and ended up over 30,000 words spread over eight chapters (plus prologue & epilogue). It contains a large amount of world-building for the Equestria side of things. By my standards, the story is a monster.

Sounds like you already know the answer :D
But keep the idea handy. I've actually got quite a few things I'm working on. I float from piece to piece depending on inspiration. But its nice to have the little ones when I get stuck or just need a break from the main story.

That may have turned into ramblings.

But the main thing to remember is, we're all here to have fun. Readers AND writers.

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