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It seemed sexy at the time.

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Can I Get a Hand Here? · 7:14am Sep 5th, 2018

I've been working on Need a Hand 2. I can't think of what I should do with Applejack. Suggestions?

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Seriously, though, could we get a little more detail? What do you have already? Any specific direction you're looking to go?

  • Have you decided any things AJ does or doesn't like? (I remember she liked public masturbation / voyeurism in the first one).
  • Assuming you don't want to duplicate acts, are there ones you already have "reserved" and don't want AJ doing?
  • Which acts do you really enjoy writing? Which acts do you refuse to write?

Possible suggestion based on what you've gone with in other stories:

Outside the school near the athletic field, Anon runs into AJ doing something. Turns out she needs to pee and doesn't want to bother finding a washroom. She suggests they pee together. There's probably people close enough to see, which still weirds Anon out. Some combination of crossing the streams, peeing on her clit, and AJ masturbating to orgasm while peeing. Since Anon hasn't cum, she wanks him onto her pussy/into her panties, then pulls up her pants.

Maybe after lunchtime, she's tired and wants to rest, but it's tough for her to pass out, so Anon helps her by banging her in maybe a secret place in the school. This way, when she's reached a climax, she'll be tired and eventually pass out until her next class starts

I think the Applejack chapter should be about her doing something sexual with Anon.

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