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Changes are done · 4:22am Sep 5th, 2018

Howdy do, fuckbuckets? I finished the planned changes and made some unplanned ones along the way. Nothing big, I just added some new funnies and tweaked a decent number of old funnies to be a little funnier. If you feel like it, give it a reread while the new chapter is being hammered out.

You can just ignore the fact that it took me three days to make changes that could have all been done in a couple hours at most.

Have some pink:

Report 2Merr · 510 views · Story: You're Getting Better · #Pinkie Pie #Anon #update #butt
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Comments ( 8 )

Better late then never, right?.... No? :twilightsheepish: Anyways, I'll be sure to give it a re-read here soon. See what changed from the original! :yay:

"Howdy do, fuckbuckets" i'll be stealing that thank you XD

You're great

Not sure what I like most; The updates to one of my favorite stories on this site or the cute pictures that come with them

Can you tell us which chapters you made the changes in? I love this story, but I can't re-read the whole thing right now.

None of the changes are big enough to warrant a reread, I was only suggesting it as a way to pass the time while my slow ass types. The only plot-relevant change was moving Anon's first day of work from this Monday to next Monday, which involved rewording a dozen sentences at most throughout the entire story. The rest of the changes were just for an extra bit of humor.

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