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Twilight floated a second fritter up to her mouth when she realized the first was gone. “What is in these things?” “Mostly love. Love ‘n about three sticks of butter.”

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Pony Convention · 7:57pm Aug 30th, 2018

Trixie and I went to the beach today and saw some friends...

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They were returning to the ocean.


Is that a normal occurrence in wherever you go to the beach at? And Trixie must've been excited as all get-out, at the horsies and the sand (I did read the last article, by the by).

It happens from time to time. We go to Assateague, an island off the coast of Maryland and Virginia that's a state and national park (depending which beach you go to.) It's known for the herds of wild ponies that live there, and while they often avoid the crowds and hang out on the other side of the island, it was hot enough today that they couldn't resist the beach!

This is really nice. I’ve never been anywhere near that island, but I always was entranced by stories of Misty and Pony Penning Day.

Oh, neat! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, and all this time I thought it was just unicorns that lived in the sea.
(......almost twenty years later I just realized the Doylist reason that the unicorns are in the sea is because of narwhals and I feel so dumb right now)

I was about to ask if that’s where you were. You can see them a bit farther south in the northern parts of the Outer Banks too.


The ponies of the pony swim are not wild. They are a managed herd owned by the Chincoteague Fire Department and grazed on public lands for a fee, just like cattle in the west. They are corralled four times a year for health checks, vaccinations and other care. Only the the fittest are selected for the swim, and they are subsequently auctioned with the proceeds going to benefit the Fire Department.

(The ponies actually live on the island of Assateague, but Misty of Assateague sounds like a very different story)

Farther north along the coast, past the managed public lands (which are fenced off), lies the domain of the true wild ponies, which I'm guessing these are.

I saw the pick and immediately had a flash back to the ocean sceen in the Last Unicorn.

Yeah, this is the national park land (though the ponies don't know that and are just as likely to hang out in the MD state park land.)

That is really neat. I'll bet Trixie had a great time seeing all the ponies!


The ponies of Canterlot ask it of me
"How many unicorns live in the sea?"
I answered them as I thought it good:
"As many as narwhales that live in the wood."

But was there a little dragon (or little girl named Megan, or a tween named Sunset) following behind with a scoop and a trash bag? :rainbowwild:

I went there when i was little. It was nice

Aww, Assateague!

I love Assateague. I haven't been this year, but I've gone the last two years I've lived in MD.

But I thought the ponies have already been herded to the VA side.

Damn. She's beautiful.

And the little human is cute, too. :twilightsmile:

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