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    So last week I told you all that I would be starting my own work. This however doesn't mean that my main work Journey To Hearth's Warming will still be going as a fall back in case the original works don't last. This means that tidbits still continue. I might short the amount of tidbits next season but this won't mean they will be ending any time soon. Now we get to the next tidbit, Raven's Eye.

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Hearth's Warming Extra Tidbit 2: Cerberus Plains · 7:25pm Aug 29th, 2018

Sorry, this came in a little late, I've had a bit of a bad day. Now we have the next of tidbits, the one is important not just because it is such a beautiful place, (I'm planning on showing off much more later), but because this will be the center of a lot more of the story after the first season, from battle with the unicorns to pegasus, particularly the battles with the earth ponies, a lot of it will be happening in these beautiful plains. This also a good way to get a feel for the map of this land since the plains cover so much. These are the Cerberus Plains...


These plains are named such for the multiple headed wolves that run through the clean dark blue grass and purplish-pink flowers that cover nearly everything. Many multiple headed wolf species live here from the two-headed kind to the three-headed kind and even the four-headed kind can be spotted from time to time. This place is also very ancient, covered random ruins of old kingdoms of ice and cold and even shadow. Rumors speak of ghosts that still haunt the lands. At night the plains are called by another name, White Ocean. For once the snow comes in the plains, and when combined with the night's light creates the appearance of an endless ocean of white.

The plains circle and surrounds nearly all four pony lands. Through Earth Pony Conglomerate, around Unicorn Providence, beside the Batpony Canyons and under parts of the Alicorn Flying Citadel. The only lands it doesn't touch directly Everfree Forest which is somehow separate from the plains by a thick barren line all around center, the Frozen Lake of Solace in the far west because it lies beyond the borders of even the Unicorn Providence and the Pegasus Isles that lie above the Batpony Canyons. These plains act as borders to the lands and keep the peace for as long as possible.

However, with the war now brewing, time can only tell when this lovely place will become a war zone.

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