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The Curse Of Joss Whedon; or, The March Of Canon. · 5:29pm Aug 29th, 2018

Way back in the middle of 2014 while battling depression, opiate addiction, and alcoholism, I had an idea.
This idea surrounded my (then) favorite character, Lightning Dust, and pulled from an RP group that I was briefly a part of. I played (Bottled) Lightning Dust.
The group was set about ten years after show canon, and my bits as Dusty were generally well received. (As a note, the first intersex image of Lightning Dust ever drawn was done by Lamia, for me, for BLD.)
My interpretation of the character hinged around several things;
The (axed) ending of the episode in which Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash chat.
The idea that Lightning Dust took it too much to heart and rarely if ever flew again, sinking into alcoholic depression.
And noticing that in Wonderbolts Academy when Dusty and Dash clip some of the other cadets in passing there's a corona of electricity, and that Dusty tends to stay airborne through most of the episode.

Which brings us to this blog post, today. After The Washouts and the general march of canon, WYD can no longer continue as the sequence of events is no longer remotely believable. Don't be too broken up, I'm going to share what my eventual plan for the story was.

Formative Events: WYD's Dusty is a horrifying mishmash of myself, then, and her portrayal in show canon. It stood to reason that someone she looked up to instilled that "gotta be the best" attitude in her.
Which leads to my heritage. My paternal grandfather escaped Czechoslovakia in 1942, making me one-quarter Czech Romany (and one-quarter Polish Jew, as per my paternal grandmother). The idea of Dusty being caught between these two worlds appealed to me, so it made it in.
Moving forward in life, Dusty is haunted by the death of her grandfather at the Canterlot 500. NASCAR fans who read that sequence should recognize where I pulled it from: the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr in turn 4 of the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500. Which was the only time I ever saw my father cry. Dusty's father is actually modeled after my mother, for whom nothing I did was ever good enough, and Dusty's grandfather is modeled after my father, for whom I was enough and could pass long hours in perfectly comfortable silence.

Story Beats: So we open with Dusty getting pink-slipped and awkwardly being shipped off to Ponyville. This was my "entrance" to the RP group, Dusty taking a job as a mailmare to make ends meet. Her alcoholism would cause no end of troubles.
There would have been at least two "big events", where her forming relationship with Pinkie Pie and gradual return to the light would have prompted her to a support group lead by Pinot Noir / Berry Punch in the basement of her bar. She would have seen a few of her new friends there as well, and the Rarity subplot would have evolved into Lightning Dust gradually realizing that she's beautiful. Rarity would have been her AA sponsor.
The second would have been Lightning Dust fucking up her second attempt to join the Wonderbolts. With her new confidence she would have flown again and tried out for Academy again. She'd have passed and become a cadet.
With her new friends in attendance, Lightning Dust would attempt to do her grandfather's greatest trick, the Thunder Roll. She flubs at the last second and has a high-speed date with the ground, waking up in the hospital.
Rainbow Dash, having never truly accepted Dusty to this point goes to visit her. It quickly devolves into a shouting match about how she's going to break Pinkie's heart, that she's still reckless and doesn't give a shit about anypony but herself. Dash would have tossed a card her way before moving to stalk out of the room. She's stopped by the most hilarious and mood whiplashing thing, a scene lifted straight from the RP group and that I got numerous "you fucking ass" comments about. Because myself and the Rainbow Dash player got everyone fully invested in this big dramatic scene, and then I dropped a bombshell. Something that's been hinted at in WYD.
Dusty can't read. She isn't fluent in Ponish, just (Pronkish?) her native language.

From there it would have been a long slog of rehabilitation. Drawing Dusty out of her depression, quitting drinking for Pinkie, and an absolutely adorable relationship.
The day before the wedding, Dusty realizes that she woke up without feathers and the taste of blood in her mouth.

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>Don't forget to rate, and tell me what you think!
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I like how it sounds it would have been.

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