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    Would you rather

    Would you all rather see Rarity, AJ, and Rainbow

    A. Go to jail/juvie
    B. Painful magical gease. Were they get powers that hurt to use but they have no choice. Example when rarity uses her diamonds painful burns apeer on her plams.

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    New chapter with twilight

    New chapter soon. When editing done. Its in si twis point of view. The next after this will be pricesses twis point of veiw

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    More help

    what sort of alcohol preferably Christmassy types that adagio and aria would drink? got peppermint schnapps for sonata. Thires so many options and i don't really drink much. If i do its stuff like wine coolers and mikes.

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    A bit of help

    What is some of the craziest orders from Starbucks that you've heard of?

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    Next chapter

    Sorry for the last chapter. But this next one is alredy almost done and much longer and better! We go back to sunset.

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New editor · 7:39pm Aug 28th, 2018

My best friend /editor hasnt really been editing much even before she was sick for a bit shes better but still nothing. Im horrible at gramar and spelling but spelling is easily fixed grammar not so much lol. So if your willing to a girl out please message me and let me know thanks!

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Comments ( 6 )

I might be able to help. I'm a fairly decent editor. At least, that's what I like to think.

Ok its all on Google docs so i just need your email. Would you like to add me on facebook or shall we talk though messages here?

Comment posted by Speculore deleted Aug 28th, 2018

My email is Landisstuart62@gmail.com and I actually don't have Facebook so I think the PM here would be better.

Ok what ever works for u i use facebook fir the messenger and one of my games is linked to it. My email is ctilford13@gmail.com

Awesome, just got it and looking it over now.

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