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Story #65 Is Alive · 9:55pm Aug 27th, 2018

  • Romance is all well and good, but remember that you need to tell an actual story. Something with a beginning, middle and an end. A conflict, something that the characters must overcome, or fail. Something that changes, and the people who are affected by that change. Fluff can be nice, and a story about say, Sunset and Rarity snuggling up under the covers and simply talking about their day can be nice, and full of a warm fuzzy feeling. But at the end of the day, a story like that is forgettable, and we’re looking for more than that.

TThe Winning Formula
Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer have a leisurely talk on the couch. It is the most important–and dangerous–event in the history of both their worlds.
Bookish Delight · 15k words  ·  113  9 · 2k views

I hope this is "real" enough.


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Comments ( 10 )

Sometimes you gotta tell a big story with a big narrative full of big things. Sometimes it can just be people being people with other people.

I mean...to each their own I s'pose but I can think of a few Shipping Stories that begin and end with Snuggles that I will never ever forget. Still I'm definitely going to be interested to see how you answer this particular challenge for sure! 8D

We can all name stories like that.

But if you don't tell people, for a contest, that they gotta work harder than that... You're gonna get ten billion entries of basically bullshit. :P

I prefer to tell people to have fun harder.

Then again, it might be a moot point. Contests, especially ones with prize pools, foster mindsets I'm not a big fan of in pony/fanfic space, and they appear to be unavoidable.

I never enter them, because my writing sits in a weird blind spot and I know I'll get passed over for something dumb.

I'm not trying to slam the contest or anything t'be clear, but I won't lie: I'm not generally a fan of telling people that this or that type of story is intrinsically more valuable than another. It is always easy to make bad lazy stories and it always takes sincere effort to make stories that are valuable and worthwhile, regardless of what genre, niche, or style they occupy; to conflate Fluff with "forgettable" or lack of effort feels really unfair to me. This is Orboros' contest; if they want to say they want their stories a specific way that's their right. But I think they could've made that point without the dig.

>”an actual story”

Night’s breath, conflict is not required to tell a story. Kishōtenketsu is a thing.

I didn't know this existed and I'm so glad you pointed it out. Thank you.

4929129 Oh! Happy to help then. I suspect you two will get along like old friends :)

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