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Commission from TheOwlGoesMoo · 9:40am Aug 27th, 2018

Recently, I requested a commission from the fantastic 3d artist, TheOwlGoesMoo.
I am very pleased with the end-result.

Vampony: Times were they feared to speak our name. No amount of coin could convince any hunter to bring us down. Times were we were worshipped by the desperate or ambitious, brought fresh victims stolen from their beds to sate us for one more day. Times were when the darkness dropped, we would be the true kings of Equestria, the ponies within our prey...our game...our livestock. I wonder what changed...
Midnight: (Draws sword) I'll tell you what changed...We showed up!

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Comments ( 5 )

Beautiful! Now i'm curious how fletcher, wolf, blue and nancy would look as athro. Or gusty,wagensroll, dawnwind and Patch

Well, I'm not made of money. :twilightblush:
But don't count it out of the question.

Of course. Blue and nancy, they could spent Time with their sons.

Very nice

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