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A ROCKHOOF AND A HARD PLACE (Review) · 9:36pm Aug 26th, 2018

One of the pillars again huh. I may as well use SSRFMM for this one.


Poor, Rockhoof, can't help but feel a bit sorry for him (JUST... a bit)

-No damage.

You said "Every Creature!" You know the penalty.


LIFE POINTS: 8000 -----> 7500

Yona taking a liking to Rockhoof gives me an idea for a fic, but I don't know if I'll do it cuz it wouldn't be friendship is failure or Starfleet, or a bad ending, and you know the rules (Don't want praise, don't like the fic, try to make nice with me... and you'll regret it!)

-No Damage

*Sighs* Twilight's just earned a 200 penalty for not thinking a better position for Rockhoof, like P.E (He could really strengthen the kids up) or Ancient History (Like I did with my Shadow Coat character. His extensive knowledge will really help)


LIFE POINTS: 7500 -----> 7300

Fastest friendship problem Twilight ever solved... PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I could see that coming from 100 miles.

-No damage

Heheheheh! Rarity got drenched! HAHAHA!

-No damage

*Sighs* Twilight's still being dumb (like the kid) There's plenty of ways for Rookhoof to fit in... but as usual, she's brainless.


Seriously, they can't just send him to a QUARRY where there's digging galore instead of an archaeology excavation site?

LIFE POINTS: 7300 -----> 7100

Well, nice to see SOME ponies know how to use what's left of their brains (Flash Magnus training guards)

I think I really prefer YOUNG Mistmane... No offense. (If and when I make SSRFMM... she'll stay young)

-No damage

"Instead of Solving Rockhoof's problems, we only made him feel worse" ...Really? I'm not surprised, Applejack! Then again nothing you pukes do doesn't sicken me.

-No damage

"A hero...!" Uh, Rainbow... he tried to put out a fire in the school. I'm docking you 200 points for letting that slip your mind.

LIFE POINTS: 7100 -----> 6900

Twilight, a little reality for you, "Mistakes happen" yes they do, but some mistakes you make only once, and even if it's not the case, can you really make up for it...

(I know the kid won't. I refuse to give him a chance ever. for constantly riffing and insulting me, I don't like him, I don't want to like him, and no good deed he does towards me, or empty promises he tends to make will change my mind)

Oh Ho Ho Ho. Mykan….I have something to tell you. You know what I’D do if you changed your ways? I’d hug you. Congratulate you. And make you my friend.

Yeah, right! You think i'd care.. because of all the riffing, and as I just said... I don't want to be his friend, nor have my life change for the better because I CHANGED and I did things HIS way... understand?! (Even if he wanted to try and make up for it... I'm not going to give him the chance or care)

Once you've been branded "ON MY BAD-SIDE" it's not coming off no matter how hard you scrub.

-No damage (For the ponies)

Again Twilight... teacher of ancient history would suffice just as well...

-No damage


What do you know, only 1100 points down... I guess this ep didn't suck too much.

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Hello. How’s the planning for Starfleet a season 8 coming along?:pinkiehappy:


Coming Nicely... Got the Big Bad coming, got the second big bad coming... and a major plot happening. Still needs more work.

Yeah! Can’t wait for the publish date.

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