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  • 143 weeks
    Season 9 Episode 4

    I'd say the dumbest part of this episode is quite simple, Ponies use magic but most creatures don't. Griffons, Dragons, Storm Beasts, Diamond Dogs, Hydras, Manticores, Ursas and countless others who would simply brute force their way in.

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  • 158 weeks
    Heroes of Beacon Update

    I have decided that this story isn't something I am really motivated to continue at the moment

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  • 161 weeks
    Thank you all

    Thank you all I don't know how this happened I literally posted this yesterday but thank you all. I didn't expect such a grand reception to this story.

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  • 161 weeks
    Why Queen of Parties is cancelled

    I have cancelled this story because I put too many subplots and have no idea of how to complete it, one day in the future I will do a rewrite with a different title.

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  • 169 weeks
    Removed story

    I kinda of removed my Rainbow Dash is a Zap Apple story because I totally forgot what I was planning to do with it. If someone wishes to adopt it I will be happy.

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My Little Pony: FiM Season 8 Ep 21 A Rockhoof and a Hard Place · 2:36am Aug 26th, 2018

Rockoff said "Even Canterlot looks different from the old days." He should not hvae gone to Canterlot, he was gone before Canterlot existed. The pillars dissapeared before Discord , Canterlot didn't exist until after the Nighgtmare Moon Incident, the castle he knows about should be the Castle of the Two Sisters.

Also congrats on Flash Magnus whipping the guard into shape, maybe they'll be helpful now

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Actually it did exist before the reign of Celestia and Luna, they moved the capital to The Castle of The Two Sisters after they were crowned.

Fine but the way he reacts is weird. I mean of course it's different before Canterlot Castle was built it was just a mountain

Canterlot was a city at the time.

From the Legend in the First Episode it sounded like Canterlot wasn't occupied until after Nightmare Moon was banished. I would like to know where it states otherwise for curiousity's sake.

I'm pretty sure that, in the comics, Starswirl was training the two princesses in Canterlot Castle, but I'm not sure.

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