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Moth Plays Street Fighter V: Casual Matches & Sakura Character Story · 1:19am Aug 26th, 2018

This should thoroughly disabuse anyone of the notion I'm any good at fighting games. :derpyderp2:

No voiceover commentary from me in this one. What you've got here is me playing three Casual Matches (I'm using Karin all the way) followed by the Sakura character story intro (I unlocked Sakura with Fight Money tonight but I won't be unlocking ALL the S3 DLC this way; I'll be waiting for the price to drop on the S3 pass and getting the rest that way).

I love Karin's little black dress costume. *_* Also, Karin's moveset is pretty solid. Between those two things I think I'll be using Karin a lot more from now on.

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Oh god, Sakura's adorable...

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