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  • 21 weeks
    Uhhh what am i doing here

    Its literally 2:30 am and I'm about to start my senior year in high school. I dont know why i have such an obsessive personality but I guess the proof is in my blogs that I just spent hours scrolling through and suddenly remembered my password.

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    Ask LightningFluff #3

    NEW ART!:pinkiehappy:

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    Berry Bullies (new art)

    I have no idea... this is completely random, and I was bored.:twilightblush:
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    I think these are mutant mulberries.:applejackconfused:
    Please excuse me while I go question my existence... :rainbowlaugh:

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    I've been super busy lately

    Summer school Radio Broadcasting.
    Play practice.
    No wifi.
    Contact naps cuz of lack of sleep.
    So I'm sorry that I haven't been active:applejackunsure:

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    Chalk Art!

    I drew this for a contest yesterday! :pinkiehappy: All the artists in my city got a square of sidewalk, and I was one of them. Unfortunately this only got an Honorable Mention.:applejackunsure: But I won a free manicure!:duck:

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Uhhh what am i doing here · 9:22am Aug 20th, 2018

Its literally 2:30 am and I'm about to start my senior year in high school. I dont know why i have such an obsessive personality but I guess the proof is in my blogs that I just spent hours scrolling through and suddenly remembered my password.
I actually thought I was famous or something when on a normal social media platform I am able to easily acquire 300 followers without even posting anything. I'm not sure what my calling is yet, but sorry to disappoint you, it isnt writing or art. Oh well, your teen years are about growing in maturity and to you guys, I've probably just grown more dull. If any of you want to reconnect dm (pm?) me I guess. I took screenshots of some of my old blogs and stories so now I have meme material to send my friends, i need to sleep.

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Honestly, you've got some great talent for drawing. Dont give up! Here's something silly I drew, maybe it will cheer you up?


lol can relate, i'm a jr. in high school.

Long time no see Haley! Congrats on making it to senior year at least? I didn't like my senior year in HS very much save for the last semester, since I had earned enough credits to only need to go about just over half a day. I wasn't an over achiever, those guys had already finished their credits and were only taking elective AP classes... I was never that good. Btw, random thing, I still remember your weird YouTube channel you had with your crazy friend, good times. I hope your parents have copies of the vids to embarrass you later in life with.

Anyways, don't worry about not knowing what you wanna be or do no matter how much they say you need to worry about it right now. As long as you keep trying new things and keep thinking about what you might want to do, that'll be enough. I didn't figure out what I wanted to do until I was 25 (holy hell that was so long ago, sadness). If you are really that concerned with it however, the current job market reports say that STEM jobs are in ridiculously high demand, so I guess you could see if you fit in somewhere with that? Like... the only careers that I know of that aren't worth the trouble right now (unless they are just your life's calling and can't stay away) are standard MD medical fields and urban Veterinary fields, though rural veterinary are making bank right now, but you gotta be out in the boonies for that.

Also not to be contrary to your statement about teen years, but while you do mature and grow, your teen years should be used as the last vestige to play as a child and have fun now that you are older, bigger, and more capable of going more places around you. Leave the maturing for your 20's. Unless of course you just have this amazing plan that takes up all your time that'll allow you to retire by 40, live your life to it's funnest and fullest while you're young. If you wait, everything just starts to hurt and you'll find reasons why you don't have time for anything... been there done that (am still there , more sadness), btw I just turned 40 this year (extreme sadness).

Anyway, I wish the best for you wherever life takes you kid, enjoy it as much as you can. Maybe post back here when you graduate for fun?

P.S. If when you go to college, if you have to get a student loan, and the lender they want you to use is Sallie Mae... yeah say hell no and find a better lender. That student loan company is more evil than that black rock in the movie Time Bandits.

P.P.S. ( totally don't google "evil black rock in Time Bandits", it's not worth it:trollestia:)

Also, since I'm writing this on a computer, there is technically no reason I should be adding Postscripts, or Post Postscripts, but whatever!

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