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The really sad thing is... · 12:41am Aug 16th, 2018

… she didn't even taste good.

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Comments ( 14 )

Is this vore

Well, yeah, you ate her raw. If anypony's supposed to go in a taco...

(What? There's a yellow one, a purple one, and a blue one. What other conclusion was I supposed to draw?)

... please tell me these are colored cookie dough. Please tell me you didn't eat a play-doh horse.

I assume you first devised dialogue of it begging for its life, yes?

When did you eat her after first posting the poll?

4920593 In July, I think? I had one craving for marzipan too many.

Well the other two don't look too broken up over it. :trollestia:

Was there some reason you chose Lyra Marzipan over the others?

4920616 Yes--because I thought she was Rainbow Dash.

4920637 Well that explains why you went for the head, first...

> eats Marzipan that's eight months old
> wonders why it doesn't taste good

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