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    Friendship is Card Games: Twilight's Seven

    The two hundredth episode! Such wonder! Such promise!

    Of course I had to go get my car’s brakes replaced that morning!

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    Dark Betrayal

    Okay, that blog title might be a bit dramatic. Still, I feel I have been denied vital information. To wit, there is a Friendship is Magic: the Gathering panel at BABSCon. It's literally called Friendship is Magic: the Gathering.

    No one told me.

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    Friendship is Card Games: Uprooted

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    Ficborn Horror

    If you're interested in writing horror stories, you'll want to check out RockstarRaccoon's Nightmare Night in April contest. They're accepting horror stories written this year even if they were written prior to the contest announcement, so even if you don't have any ideas right now,

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    FoMEius Fumblemorph, MD

    This isn't just a follower milestone blog (though while I'm here, thanks to all 1,501 of you,) it's also an announcement. My flight's been booked, my hotel's reserved. I'm going to Everfree Northwest this year. Looking forward to seeing any and all of you who will also be attending. :twilightsmile:

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Cover of Weezer · 12:31am Aug 16th, 2018

Just a notice that while this may be a strange timeline, it is not the darkest one.
Skip to 3:20 for Weird Al.

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Comments ( 5 )
Author Interviewer

Oh yeah, I saw that, that was great. :D

And they say avengers is the most ambitious crossover in history

You do realize that Weird Al’s first LP (not CD, you young whippersnappers, vinyl. A CD version wouldn’t be released until 8 years later.) came less than a year after Toto IV, right? And he gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a couple of weeks time, too. Hard to believe the man is creeping up on sixty years of age.

Now if he can just make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…

Just a notice that while this may be a strange timeline, it is not the darkest one.

A quote to live by.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure at this point that Al is ageless. Sometimes good things do happen to good people.

I prefer his “classic,” pre-LASIK look. It’s been twenty years now, and I’m still getting used to the long hair.

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