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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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    We need more romantic stories where Twilight Sparkle sniffs books. I feel inspired to make one.

    From 'The Point of No Return', season 9, episode 5.

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Humans making ponies stronger? · 10:16pm Aug 13th, 2018

So, whats your view on my stories where humans inadvertently make a pony stronger?

Grow bigger, become an alicorn and stronger in general.

Report Bendy · 285 views · #Human
Comments ( 4 )

Love em

*<>* what would happen to alicorns ? Would they be overpowered like meh?
~ personality I like stories about alternative main six accending , i.e alicorn Vinyl Scratch, Lyra , Octavia. etc etc

There is another possible Scenario, besides the generic human-makes-Pony-stronger, and human-teaches-ponies-about- Workouts i posted last time this was up:

The human is super fragile, at least compared to the much stronger ponies, thus they have to be extra careful around him. One of the reasons, why they are so powerful, is that all ponies have a magic aura around them (like in RWBY, but in their case, they dont have to learn how to activate it, since they are already born with that ability).

So since they dont want to accidentally crush the human, or knock him out simply by exposing him to their aura, they try to supress it, this causes the magical Energy to build up inside of them, and makes them bigger. Eventually, they might even learn how to use godly ki, like in dragonball super, just by trying not to be op.

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