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Can this Q&A session actually work out, or what? · 5:07pm Aug 13th, 2018

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What are your favorite MLP characters?

J'dore Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight. Vinyl Scratch, Octavia Melody, and Derpy take a backseat, but I love them whenever they pop up. Favorite villains are Tirek and Discord.

And, of course, I love Firestorm the most out of all of them.

Do you have any favorite MLP installments?


Huh. I only like G4. EQG stinks, but it has its moments. The movie was mediocre. Undecided about S5. Don't make Book Horse into an earth pony please, but if G5 is meant more for teenagers and has better humor and story, then I'm all game.


So, do you mostly like G4 because of the characters?

Characters and plots (Not that kind of plot--stop snickering!) and the dialogue. It seems more natural and banter-esque compared to other, lesser TV shows for girls. I just watched a few episodes with my younger sisters, and I realized that I actually cared about what was happening in this 3-dimensional world full of 3-dimensional characters I cared about, who talked and acted like friends, not stupid little high-pitched babies whose main response to danger is to run away.

Have you ever watched the Three Stooges?

Only A Night At The Opera. I think they're really talented people.

Actually, that’s something done by the Marxx Brothers, not the Three Stooges.

Ah, shoot! Forgot about that! Silly me!

In that case, no. I have not seen the three stooges.

Would you like to see one?

I was able to find one on YouTube. And, of course, there’s an entire series of shorts for the Three Stooges.

Nah. I'm good. I can see it anytime I want to on Youtube, right?

I do like Abbot and Costello.

Yay, definitely.

There are tons of full episodes of Three Stooges on YouTube.

May I recommend starting with the episodes where the trio consists of Moe, Larry, and Curly?

Tell me,

What is it about the MLP Movie that you find to be mediocre?

What are things you don’t like about it? As well as the things you do like about it?

The humor was weak, the old characters seemed one-dimensional except Twilight, the new characters were barely in focus, and the Storm King had potential that was wasted. We also didn't have

-the Elements of Harmony
-Tirek or anything from Tartarus, established to be the number-one bad spot of trouble in MLP
-better action sequences than the ones we got
-or the Guardians of the Sun. I swear, if they were in the movie it would have made a much better one. But hey, everypony says that about their OC or whatever. "If I was the one making the movie it would have been so much better-" oh for goodness sake.

With that said, Tempest Shadow is an awesome new addition to pony canon, and they added in new and intriguing mythos to pony lore, like the hippogriffs and the pearl, the Staff of Saconis and the fact that Scorpan had wielded it before the movie, and the village of Klugetown and the Furries that live there. The message of redemption and friendship came at a time when people needed it, and the animation of the film is breathtaking.

A good thing that I made my own story about the Storm King then, huh? As well as set up making more?

The best thing the movie did for the Brony community was that it gave them source material to use. Your Grand King's entrance would have fitted in seamlessly into the movie.

I know.

I’ve often been hoping that the Storm King could one day come back. I think that would definitely compensate things by giving him more time to shine as a villain, as well bring out what many would call “wasted potential”.

What do you think?

He may come back in season 8. If he does, even for one episode, it'll be good enough for me.

Me too.

I think something that would also be awesome is that if they made a sequel, where everything about it would be even better than the original, and where the Storm King can come back as the main antagonist and have even more screen time and development.

Maybe that'll work in the prequel movie they're making.

They’re making a prequel movie?

Ho yeah. Last I checked, anyway. It might not be entirely necessary, but more is better.

Out of curiosity,

I had recently finished chapter 12 of “The Pony of Vengeance” today, and I couldn’t help but wonder:

Was the backstory Bright Mind had based off of your own personal experiences? Or of the personal experiences of someone else?


When I was younger I felt isolated, alone, and angry, but that was because I was just so shocked that other people in school could be insensitive and mean. I was astounded by how much they used bad words for absolutely everything, especially because I was taught to use language that Jesus Christ would want to hear out from me. People made fun of not just me but of everybody else, and I was more often than not filled with this irrational anger toward everyone else for not being good people. It was passive abuse, but it was abuse everyone experiences. At the time, though, I was absolutely sure my experience was unique and unwarranted. Surely there was something wrong here.

So I naturally wanted to beat some sense into them. I made up this scenario in my head, that I replayed over and over, where I was one of the cyborgs from movies I watched all the time, and outfitted with Star Wars weapons. I would be there whenever lecherous activity presented itself, and I would be the one to scare them into being better people by shooting them. I would kill them to death.

It's never entirely gone away, and it's been a childish concept in my head that I've quietly nourished every time I reimagined which would be the most awesome way for me to be reintroduced to everyone as a punisher of those that hate people for no reason. Sometimes I still reflect back on long-forgotten memories of things that never really happened.

It makes for a pretty good character in a novel, however! Ironheart's a villain you don't want to hate, because I am confident I'm not the only one to have felt rage against everyone else for the reason that they don't measure up to my own standards.

I DEFINITELY know the feeling.

Everyday, I can never stop having anger towards people such as the liberals, Democrats, and so many others, for throwing away the lives of others in favor of their own desires, such as money & fame.

The only thing is that I don’t want to be getting controlled by something in me that would make me stoop to their level, so, I often try to pacify myself.

I try to avoid throwing blame at a specific faction; how much do people make fun of Bronies just because they're Bronies? Or Mormons for the same reason? Or even camps like the Homosexual community; how much do people generalize others by their orientation? Being bad isn't defined by whatever group you belong in. Whatever blame you give a person should be about their actions, not their affiliation.

There have been violent and stupid Mormons. There have been violent and stupid Protestants. There have been violent and stupid Democrats, and violent and stupid Republicans; Alex Jones springs to mind. (Turn the frickin' frogs gay!) Be open-minded about what other people believe in; it's what I count on when I explain religion myself.

You’re right. I should never hold others accountable for something because of their background.

I do of course hold others accountable for the actions they make.

The reason I’ve just been labeling those certain parties was because I’ve been seeing too many of them do the wrong thing instead of the right thing. For me, it’s not everyday you get to see people of those parties who are the opposite of that.

I sure would like to see more of the kind-hearted members of the parties I mentioned though, that’s for sure. Ones who actually do really great things for others, like helping the world be a better place.

I'm actually not sure if I'm conservative or liberal. There are aspects both of them have that I believe in. So do I want to be somebody liberals hate, or do I want to be somebody conservatives hate? No matter what, somebody's gonna be snapping at your booty.

Naw, it's not so much bad political philosophies I hate so much as I hate bad moral philosophies. You're going to be punished for your own faults, is all that matters.

It's all up to God, though. We're obliged to forgive everyone, because it isn't any of our business to condemn people without knowing their circumstances and actions as intimately as God does. He'll forgive who he will forgive, but we are required to forgive all men.

Now with that said, you're supposed to forgive all men; this doesn't mean you have to like all men. This only means no matter if you like somebody or not, you should still give them mercy. With what measure we judge others, we ourselves will be judged by.

You’re right on the ball there, sir.

Right on the ball.

And I agree wholeheartily.

What did you think of the music & vocal performances in the MLP Movie?

The music is well done, as always. None of them seemed memorable except for One Small Thing and Time to be Awesome, though. And the voice acting was great, but after every small joke, there would be this uncomfortable silence where you're expected to laugh. There were many uncomfortable moments like that in the film; the camera would linger for just a moment, or the silence would be unbroken for too long a time. It seemed slow the first time watching it.

Personally, I was most impressed by the performances of Tara Strong, Emily Blunt, Liev Schreiber, and Taye Diggs.

My personal favorite song from the movie is Capper’s “I’m the Friend You Need”. I can almost never stop listening to it over and over again.

By any chance,

Do you have a favorite Pillar of Old Equestria?

Flash Magnus. He kicked booty.

How’d you like to join this group:

Flash Magnus

I liked Rockhoof and Mist Mane as well, even though they didn't really do anything in the season 7 finale, and Somnambula or whoever was a noble one. Meadowbrook, eh...but Star Swirl the Bearded was the one I was most excited to see.

Are there any characters from the MLP Movie that you’re interested in doing stories about?

The hippogriffs, Captain Caelano, and lore revolving around the Staff of Sacanas.

I never got to ask, but...

What do you think of the current profile pic I have?

Minus Fluttershy x Discord (which I know that you don’t like based on one of your last blog posts), what sort of mare do you think would pair perfectly with Discord? What traits would she need to match or blend with him?

Also, what canonical mare do you think would make a great marefriend for Discord? Celestia? Luna? Twilight Sparkle? Starlight Glimmer? Tempest Shadow? Or Trixie Lulamoon?

A pairing with Discord would need to be chaotic like him, plus needy and desperate for acknowledgment.

I don't know of or remember anybody in the show that fits the bill for the princesses or the unicorns, but Celestia and Luna's boyfriends would need to have ethereal bodies, like them. Twilight's qualifications I already told you about in a PM, and I haven't thought about Starlight Glimmer all that much. Trixie's easy--she needs either a fellow stage performer or somepony who actually enjoys her shows.

In a movie-point-of-view, what ratings would you classify your stories in?

Pony of Vengeance, A Rather Large Adventure, Brotherhood and Betrayal, TWILIGHT!!!, and How The Pony of Vengeance Should Have Ended, in order from most cinematic to least.

What I mean is...

What stories would you consider rated G, PG, PG-13, or R?

Pony of Vengeance would be rated R or something. ARLA and Brotherhood and Betrayal would be PG-13. The others are G.

I’m curious about something,

What are your thoughts on “Avengers: Infinity War”?

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