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Ponyvania update · 3:25pm Aug 13th, 2018

lets start with intros first!:twilightsmile:

for those people who still not know that ponyvania "ALMOST COMPLETE" version is out now for grabs, you can actually finish the game but there are still a few bugs and some "bonus freebies" ziggylung is trying to update in the near future, BUT the thing is despite the loooooooooong wait from when it first came out like in...................................... i can't remember when this has come a long way and its REALLY FREAKIN SICK!!!:twilightsmile:

upgraded inventories for skills, item, armor, weapons and enemies, plus a whole new batch of places to explore and sidequests to do!:yay:

im almost done with my second playthru on this with my pegasi build character on BRUTAL MODE! (hehehe):trollestia:
my first game was an earth pony (apple jack character) on normal mode first just to screen thru what the game looks like BEFORE i even attempt to acquire items and stuff and just breeze thru the game first.:moustache:
my last character would be after im finished with the pegasi is a unicorn character (twilight sparkle) that will be finishing the game on its 100% completion (thats what im trying to accomplish) on BRUTAL MODE!:trollestia:
im going to send ziggy some of the bugs ive seen so after ive played with all of this characters and hopefully it gets fixed asap!:twilightsmile:

oh yeah before i forget ziggylung uploaded a new verison of the game so FYI peeps!:twilightsheepish:
hope you guys enjoy the game as well!:yay:

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