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Chapter 20, Time Scarcity, and Sea Shanties · 7:12am Aug 13th, 2018

Aloha, puppers. Golden here with your standard mid-chapter blog post, both way late and way late. Way late because this is definitely not halfway between updates, and way late because I just finished the draft and there's a decent chance you'll see the finished chapter within a couple days. So I guess I'm just being redundant. Oh, well.

Anyways, it's sitting at 6778 words right now. A good, healthy length for a growing chapter. I wrote the whole thing in the past few days, I was quite held up from my usual writing schedule due to helping my parents move. I had to drive down to Arkansas, spend a few internet-less days in my dad's cabin in the woods, and then it was another few days of busy busy busy packing and unpacking and getting things all situated. I have so many bug bites. You would not believe. And I'm still not back home yet, but I at least have a steady internet and a makeshift office to setup my laptop and get writing. As evidenced by the finished draft. I was really pent up, man.

The draft has shaped up well. We've got scenes from all four perspective characters here, including two political face-offs and a casual conversation between sisters. The next chapter's gonna be a real doozy, and the first act will probably end within one or two chapters of that. The perceptive reader may notice that I've changed the long description of the story, and I've done that to ensure it focuses more on the first act. I'll be marking the story complete at that point and starting a new one for the second act—tentatively titled Sunken Horizons,—after that. So, woohoo!

Speaking of marking things complete, things have been getting quite musical in my Discord, which I'm sure you all know I'm contractually obligated to plug here anyways. I've got a trio of musically-oriented readers, and it's pretty interesting listening in on their chats about music and pretending I understand all the latin. There's been discussion about writing and recording a sea shanty that summarizes the events of the first act, featuring the server member's voices. Here's to hoping it pans out! Even if it doesn't, I still intend to release a summary blog in between Empty Horizons and Sunken Horizons. I know the story's long—far longer than my initial estimates—and full of little details that can be easy to forget with the slow updates. I hope it'll be a nice refresher for those of you that have been reading since the start, as things update, and can barely remember what's going on anymore.

You can expect me to publish Chapter 20 after my crack team of editors and pre-readers gets through it in the coming days! Alternatively, just join the Discord and read it now. Impatient bastards. Toodles!

Comments ( 4 )

everyone loves a good shanty!

Right? It'll be totally dope.

The chapter is almost done? You better apologize to us for working so fast you jerk. That sea shanty better have at least 5 water puns.

Music stuff is mostly Italian, not Latin. Get it right, dinglehopper. :P

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