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I've left the fandom. Here's why you should too. · 1:31am Aug 13th, 2018

Let's talk about some uncomfortable shit.

I've been a part of the fandom for over four years. I enjoyed the fics, the art, and the music. I purchased the merch. Hell, I even wore shirts out in public. I was deeply invested in this community, and I loved it.

What changed?

Simple. A different side of it crossed my vision.

Specifically, the pedophiles.

When the Toon scandal happened, I was blissfully unaware for a few days. Then, this video crossed my recommended feed on YouTube:

Say what you will about Lily Orchard. I know she's garnered a bad reputation among the fandom, but that doesn't matter.
She's right.

She's just fucking right.

My first reaction was of disbelief. I didn't want to believe that the fandom had a pedophilia problem. It was scary. It was unthinkable.

It was reality.

At the time of writing this blog, the amount of child pornography on Derpibooru numbers at 13,772 images. Sure, it goes under the cutsey moniker foalcon, but that doesn't change what it is. It's. Fucking. Child. Pornography.

And I shouldn't have to explain why that's a problem.

You don't even have to go to Derpibooru to find this shit. One of the MOST POPULAR GROUPS on this site is the Foalcon group. It has a total of 3,509 members at the time of writing. That's fucking SCARY. It's also got 1,758 stories, and there's no way that's all of the child porn on this site. Hell, this shit gets FEATURED!

When I realized this, I was understandably horrified. I thought others would be too.

I was dead fucking wrong.

As Lily pointed out, there is a significant portion of the community that, whenever something bad happens, decries it as "drama" and tries to sweep it under the rug so that outsiders don't hear about it. The problem is that they do this with ANYTHING negative. I'm sure you can see the problem with this.

Pedophilia is not drama. It's a fucking crime.

What this made clear to me is that the fandom doesn't care about its contents, just its reputation. It doesn't care what goes on, just that it doesn't reach the outside world.

That's dangerous.

But not surprising.

This fandom started on 4Chan, an anonymous message board for crackhead deviants. That's affected it. There's a reason that the fandom is generally right of center when it comes to politics. It's because 4Chan is its foundation. The group known for actively being as close to The Worst Human Beings as possible. It makes sense that this shit is rampant.

So I'm leaving. This fandom is dangerous. It's vile. It's reprehensible. In some cases, remaining silent says a lot, and when it comes to denouncing and clearing fucking pedophiles out of the fandom, saying nothing broadcasts complicitness to the world.

If you just enjoy the show, that's fine. Have fun.

The community around the show is awful.

Hasta nunca.


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