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  • 52 weeks
    Thoughts on G5 Movie and what it means

    Personally, I REALLY liked it. It expanded on Equestria as a whole and just shows what'll happen in the future. Though there were times where I shook my head with a smirk at the antics, I think I'll like this new Series.

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  • 52 weeks
    About to watch the G5 Movie

    Let's do this.

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  • 101 weeks

    Stuffs going well over here, despite all that's happening. Getting a good rhythm down and, after re-reading certain chapters of my projects, I've put down notes for certain things that I intend to finish. In all honesty I just feel super bad for going on a LARGE hiatus and just falling out of touch with everything here. I'm gonna take my time and update as best I can. Some projects I've

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  • 140 weeks
    I Apologize for my long silence and absence

    Just been dealing with a lot of stuff in my life. A family member passing in October, a bit of a health scare, money, job, exhaustion, and lack of inspiration. I remember back when I used to update like a madman on this site and as time went on, I visibly noticed a decline in my updating and just total lack of 'get up and go'. I'm sorry for that as well as cancelling various stories you all

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  • 168 weeks
    I'm Cancelling Various Stories; Reasons below

    Yes, I know you've all been waiting oh so patiently, but the fact of the matter is A)I don't have the notes for them and B) I have lost the inspiration and drive to complete these certain ones. I want to start from square one as well as complete Baen's Journey so I can start the New Era of stories with a fresh breath of air and much less baggage of 'Incompletes' on my back. The stories in

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Just an Apology · 10:49am Aug 11th, 2018

I apologize for not being a frequent with my updates as I used to be, but balancing work and this took a while. I've at least finally found a medium so I'll update at a pace I'm good with. I just hope you all haven't moved on due to inactivity is all.....

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Don’t be sorry, Cryptic. I haven’t found the medium to write my stories either these days.

don't worry about us just write at a pace that your most comfortable with

Dont worry

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