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Playing D&D. (8/8/2018) · 3:55am Aug 9th, 2018

I'm playing as a human mage-turned floor bread headcrab. I'm currently cornered by a guard, with 8/11 HP.

Meanwhile, one of my friends, in trying to save me, missed another guard's balls with his mace, and ended up giving his character a vasectomy.

So yeah. We're doing totally fine...

UPDATE: all he has now is a hole, and I barely lived with 1 HP.

We have the luck and accuracy of drunkards.

UPDATE 2: The same friend has now rolled five 1's in a row, resulting in him losing all of his crotch from trying to hit a guard with a mace, and was now noticed by another room full of enemies.

Also, the same friend now has a new life goal for his character to tear the balls off of as many enemies as possible.

UPDATE 3: Killed a bugbear by whacking it twice with a glass staff that I also used to cast an armor spell.

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Old weird obsessions die hard.

May the D20s be ever in your favor. So basically just throw logic out the window and leave everything to luck. It seems to work for you.

My other friend is a 1 foot 1 inch tall Dragonborn who can throw up to 500 pounds.

Are you playing this game on table top or online ?

Tabletop, with character info saved online.

Oh dame and here I was hoping on joining. :trixieshiftleft:

So you guys get together in person and play then ?

Yup. Though we're considering also hosting the game through Discord.

Hey look I know im just a stranger asking something of them without knowing more about them first but when you do decide to host the game on discord would it be possible for me to join in on the fun ?

I'd have to talk t over with the rest of my friends and the DM. This was the first time he ever DM-ed for Dungeons & Dragons.

Whoop whoop. Shift the blackbody diagram, I like cake.

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