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A JD Review: MLP Season 8 Episode 14 - "A Matter of Principals" · 5:41pm Aug 5th, 2018

The one where Discord almost kills the students.

And he didn't even apologize.

Alrighty. This has been a very strange end of a hiatus, hasn't it? Australia's been getting episodes earlier, Discovery Family doesn't know how to count, and now it seems like two episodes just dropped at once. I'll review episode 15 later, but for now... we focus on Starlight trying to run the Friendship School while Twilight and the others are away to deal with a fake friendship mission concocted by none other than Discord. I'll admit that while I did enjoy the comedy in this one (the whole bit with Trixie and Iron Will was great) we see Discord being unusually cruel to the students, even having a Bugbear almost kill Yona.

And Starlight is the one to apologize to Discord! WHAT?! You have NOTHING to apologize for, Starlight! Oh, so Discord was a little jealous that he wasn't invited to the Friendship School, but that doesn't give him any right to threaten the lives of the students! If he had apologized, this episode would have been a solid 9/10, but he didn't.

So, it's a 7/10. What were all of your thoughts?

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Comments ( 13 )

I agree but wait till you see the next episode that is truly a Marvel of MLP

I think the idea is that Starlight should have just talked to Discord rather than fight him. She should have been the bigger person instead of letting Discord drag her down to his level.

Lies! Deceptions! Everyday, more lies!

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Agreed. Discord went a little too far to act spiteful. He should’ve just left his trolling at hiring substitutes and pretending to be undercover Steve Buscemi.

Yeah Discord is gonna shit himself if Fluttershy finds out what he did while they were gone, and have the writers become lazy after their Hiatus and why their new episodes start out as shit

Episode is best summoned up as
Discord: ...... *flips Starlight off*
Starlight: I see... *gives death glare before murderizing Discord*

So this episode seems to be pretty mixed so I'll add my two cents:

I thought it was a lot of fun. Discord's antics and gags are still entertaining and was nice to see him interacting with Starlight and the young six. It was nice to see cameos of other characters like Iron Will and Trixie (though I thought Cranky was too jerkish)

This episode isn't perfect though and I have to call foul on Starlight being able to banish Discord's body without elements since I think it does make her a little too Op. It's not too bad though since Discord found a way around it. It probably means the princesses might have tried to do that but it didn't work. Might also explain why they didn't smash his statue. You can destroy his body but not his ghost. I can also see why some people might be tired of the Discord being a jerk episodes, but I still find them entertaining if done right and I thought this did work.

Edit: Writer confirmed that Discord wanted Starlight to banish him to prove she wasn’t perfect for the job. So that sort of fixes the issue with Starlight being too powerful.

I disagree that Discord was too jerkish or regressed here. Sure he might have learned a few lessons, but he still has a long way to go. He's a very immature character that doesn't do things nicely and politely. If he feels wronged in some ways he's going to go mess with some people that's who he is. He's a trickster character. That's why I like him he didn't immediately change personalities like most of the other characters who reformed did. Though I do think he should have said sorry like in Make new friends but keep Discord and Dungeons and Discord.

With the Bugbear I honestly think Discord knew Starlight would save the students at the last moment. He’s a character who in his mind has everything under control. He never really thinks what might go wrong if things don’t go right because of his big ego.

I think 7/10 is a fair review. Lots of fun gags, Discord antics, and it’s fun seeing Discord and Starlight interact more, but not the best Discord appearance but not the worst either.

So Discord deserved to be under Proxima Midnight's boot after all, because he deserved it, he's been nothing more but a troublemaker ever since, he deserves losing his arm and tail, to keep him in check.

4914834 I'll get to it pretty soon. :twilightsmile:

4914843 True. :moustache:

4914845 What's with Disney Star Wars and tentacles all of a sudden? :twilightoops:

4914879 It honestly would've been better.

4914906 Next one is really good, though.

4914943 Basically. :derpytongue2:

4914978 Nice input. Still think Discord should have apologized, though. :applejackunsure:

4915041 :pinkiecrazy:

I won’t disagree with that definitely something that should have happen.

'Cause I'm random. What will I do on your next review? Who knoooooows? :derpytongue2:

4915610 I shudder to find out. :rainbowderp:

Although a bad guy, Thanos was quite right about what he told Discord...

No more games... no more tricks... no more... Discord.

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