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General story progress updates · 7:43pm Aug 4th, 2018

Hi all. Hope you are all enjoying the newest stories last month - You Can't Fix Stupid and Pink Alicorn Blues. Typing hands have not been idle here. Been working on several long series in the background and want to get them completed before I upload them. There's enough unfinished stuff lying around here as it is.

I have 3, 6 and 10 chapters completed on three new projects, while trying to figure out a sane direction for The Mad Seeress of the North right now. I started a chapter, but am not sure it leads to where I want or need it to go, so I'll be looking that over today as well.

A nice rhythm of cranking out a chapter a day on the newest idea is working well, thanks in part to Sornos, who stalks chapters as they are written via Skype and my gDocs account. He is also providing some rockin' artwork - so much so that I might have enough to showcase an image at the beginning of a few key chapters during the run of the fic.

I also desperately want to continue on Frozen Shadows to premiere the new, amazing cover art Pixel_Spark finished for it last week and continue with The Birthday Wish for Ice Star and all the Lunbra fans waiting on that story's progression. It was never my intention to start stories and let them languish so long. I can blame a radical change in vocations and a very difficult dementia patient I am celebrating my 2-year anniversary taking care of as of this month. Most of this recent surge of progress has been due to finally winning the fight to get him to a psychiatrist and get him on anti-psychotic medication he has so desperately needed in the last, oh 20+ years of his life! They never stay stable for as long as we would like to see them, though, so I am jumping on this lull in his high-maintenance behavior and taking advantage of the breather it is giving me. Less stress = more creativity and inspiration to write, I have discovered.

So enough gabbing, back to work. Feel free to stop by and say Hi on PMs or during our Stalker Cast where I provide a hang out and mild entertainment for those that want to come and relax on a Sunday afternoon. The link is here. Come join us tomorrow and every Sunday at 12:00 non Pacific Time for some laid-back, no stress social time.


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